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Authorities criticize missing information and ignorance of consumers


Biotechnologically obtained natamycin (E 235) is often used as a preservative and medication. It has an antibiotic effect on human skin, on the mucous membrane or in the rind of cheese and sausage and prevents fungi from spreading. It is therefore also used as a broad-spectrum mycotic to treat athlete’s foot and vaginal thrush.

Traditional cheese is often treated with natamycin on the rind. The authorities criticize the lack of information to the consumer. The State Office for Food Safety Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania found natamycin in the rind section of almost half of 85 cheese samples, as a spokeswoman said on Monday in Rostock. In one case, the maximum permitted amount was exceeded. The Scientific Committee on Food (SCF) considers natamycin on cheese and sausage casings to be safe if only the finished product is treated with natamycin and the residues on the surface are no larger than one milligram per square decimeter. Natamycin should no longer be detectable five millimeters below the surface.

German experts see these values ​​much more critically than those responsible for the EU. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) agreed with the use of natamycin in cheese. However, they did not consider it necessary to treat sausage casings. From the microbiological and technological point of view, according to the German authority, there is no need for treatment.

According to the current investigation, it was shown that five of the “loose goods” cheese samples did not identify the antibiotic, for which the abbreviation E 235 also stands, when it was sold to the consumer. The laboratory samples took place in 2012 and 2013. (fr)

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