Antwerp police fine illegal dumping and people without mouth … (Antwerp)

Antwerp –

The local police of Antwerp checked on Friday and Saturday for illegal dumping and other forms of nuisance. Several people were fined for leaving waste after a picnic, for example. There were also 35 people who did not wear a mask on public transport or at a stop.

The neighborhood team of Deurne-Noord fined a person on the Bremweide on Saturday who left two full bags of waste after a picnic. Someone else was fined in the same place for throwing paper into the plants. Some people were fined for lighting their barbecue in the park, which is not allowed. On the Wim Saerensplein someone was fined who stuffed his bag of garbage in the glass container. 36 traffic offenses were also fined, including a red rider and many wrong-parking.

The neighborhood teams of the West region went to battle with nuisance in the historic city center and on the quays together with the mobile unit and the Orida cycling team on Friday. Attention was paid to illegal dumping, drug use, noise pollution, vandalism and traffic nuisance.

In several places, people who were in possession of drugs were checked. They used these narcotics in the immediate vicinity of children playing. 63 PVs were also drawn up for parking and traffic violations. Eleven people were fined, including for illegal dumping and spitting on public roads.

Thirty-five people who did not wear a mask on public transport or at the stop were fined under Covid-19.

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