Antwerp police organizes lockdown party with 60 people present … (Antwerp)

The Antwerp police shut down a party on the Meir on Saturday night. In total, more than sixty attendees were fined. Some tried (unsuccessfully) to hide from the police.

“A resident of the Meir notified the police on Saturday night because there would be a party going on in the street,” said police spokesman Willem Migom. “There was also noise nuisance and the corona measures were not observed.”

On arrival, the police were able to determine that there were a lot of people in the apartment. A number of people even tried to hide from the police, but they were all caught. In total, more than sixty attendees were fined, all between the ages of 18 and 34. Everyone left the site without any further problems, ”says Migom.

Tightening measures

Lockdown parties are not without risk, virologists warned several months ago, when there was a party just before the start of the lockdown in various cafes and restaurants.

In a debate on The Seventh Dag Sunday, Minister of Health Maggie De Block (Open VLD) warned about the worse infection rates of recent days. If the increase in the number of infections continues, the rules will become stricter. “And to be clear: I am not just talking about an obligation of mouth masks in the shops,” said De Block.

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