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Some Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra microphones have abnormal usage issues. (Photo / Associated Press)

Apple’s new generation of Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra has been launched, but since the launch two weeks ago, some netizens have reported abnormal microphones on foreign forums, including using Siri, making calls, etc., and they feeling quite troubled.

The main problems faced by users of these new Apple Watches is that the “Noise” program will open an error message, stating that the watch is locked underwater, or that other programs are occupying the microphone, so noise cannot be measured. , and it is connected to the microphone. Siri, voice input, “washing hands” and other functions will not work.

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(Photo / Associated Press)

The foreign media MacRumors pointed out that Apple noticed the relevant error in the internal Apple memo they received, also saying that restarting the Apple Watch could temporarily solve the problem, and suggested that the problem is not related to the hardware, and also said in the memo that users should keep up to date with the latest version of watchOS; this means that the official will release a fix soon, and users who encounter this disaster, be patient and so on.

In addition, there are also Apple Watch Ultra users who think they have encountered a “rolling jelly” disaster, which has also happened on the iPad mini 6 in the past, and Apple has not yet explained this.

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