Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE, and Watch Ultra are now available in all models in Thailand.

Recently, Apple Thailand has officially started selling Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE. After opening the web page to select and play for a long time This year has been featured in the collision detection feature. Detect women’s menstrual periods Power saving mode to last longer, Ultra model is considered to be revealed for the first time. Suitable for outdoor adventurers. The starting price is 9,900 baht, and you can reserve it today.

Apple Watch Series 8

Finally, it is available for purchase with the latest Apple Watch smartwatch. The regular version is the Apple Watch Series 8 with additional health features such as collision detection in a road accident. The watch will help send information to the agency to help. Another feature is the menstrual cycle detection feature to see your ovulation period and plan your pregnancy. And there is a feature to increase the service life for a longer time, such as power saving mode.

APPLE WATCH SERIES 8 price sold in Thailand

  • 41 mm dial case, price 15,900 baht
  • Case, 45 mm dial Price 16,900 baht.
  • GPS connection, starting price 16,900 baht
  • GPS + Cellular connection, starting price 19,900 baht


This year’s Apple Watch SE is considered the second generation that has been released. It will have a prominent feature like the Watch Series 8 is collision detection. Ready to upgrade the chip inside to process faster than the first model. And of course it comes at a more affordable price. open to more people

APPLE WATCH SE (2022) price sold in Thailand

  • 40 mm dial case, price 9,900 baht
  • 44 mm dial case, price 10,900 baht
  • GPS connection, starting price 9,900 baht
  • GPS + Cellular connection, starting price 11,900 baht


The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged watch, 2000 nits bright display, rugged titanium body, MIL-STD 810H3 tested, and IP6X4 dustproof, plus a diver system. and has a battery life of up to 36 hours in normal mode Who’s late for adventure? Sports line or like to go on a road trip, this is a good solution. This model is only sold as a dial and connection size only. You can only choose wristbands.


  • 49 mm dial case, GPS + Cellular connection, price 31,900 baht

All three models are finally available for sale. You can pre-order on the Apple website and the Apple Store or other partners today.

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