AQUOS sense6 6GB/128GB is 16,060 yen, moto g52j 5G is 17,800 yen! OCN Mobile ONE is hosting a popular smartphone auction! — OREFOLLER

OCN Mobile ONE SALE of popular smartphone started for a limited period from November 15th. This time too, you can buy popular smartphones as a set with a voice SIM at a great price. OPPO Reno7 A is 19,910 yen, moto g52j 5G is 17,800 yen, etc.

This period is from 11:00 on 15 November to 11:00 on 26 December. It’s a relatively long sale, over a month. From the schedule, it looks like this will be the last sale of the year.

\Smartphone SALE/
Mobile OCN ONE
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selling a smartphone

regular price Bulk sale price
motorcycle g32 25,500 yen 6,820 yen
OPPO Reno7 A 38,590 yen 19,910 yen
Xperia 10 IV 55,869 yen 37,180 yen
moto g52j 5G 36,500 yen 17,800 yen
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G 38,586 yen 19,910 yen
Redmi Note 10T 31,500 yen 13,200 yen
Redmi Note 11 17,890 yen 2,750 yen
Xiaomi 11T Pro 8GB / 128GB 56,140 yen 37,510 yen
AQUOS wish 28,100 yen 12,100 yen
OPPO A55s 5G 21,505 yen 2,860 yen
AQUOS sense6 4GB/64GB 32,010 yen 13,310 yen
AQUOS sense6 6GB/128GB 34,760 yen 16,060 yen
AQUOS R6 106,700 yen 88,000 yen
Mi 11 Lite 5G 34,040 yen 15,400 yen
OPPO Reno5 A 28,160 yen 9,570 yen
AQUOS sense4 plus 24,310 yen 16,500 yen
Sense AQUOS4 25,300 yen 12,100 yen
[Gyda AirPods Pro]iPhone 12 64GB 119,798 yen 107,800 yen
[Gyda AirPods Pro]iPhone 12 128GB 125,576 yen 113,300 yen
[Gyda AirPods Pro]iPhone 12 256GB 137,797 yen 124,300 yen
  • All prices include tax
  • Application for smartphone set only for “Voice compatible SIM 1GB / month or more”.
  • Separately, a contract processing fee of 3,300 yen (including tax) is charged at the time of first billing.

If you have any questions, check it out.

Mobile OCN ONE
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Featured device this time

OCN Mobile ONE has frequent sales, but the target terminals and sale prices are different each time. The original price before the sale often changes slightly. The price can change between new and MNP, but this time it doesn’t change either way.

Are you interested in OPPO Reno7 A, moto g52j 5G, Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, or AQUOS sense6 for this sale? OPPO Reno7 A (¥19,910), moto g52j 5G (¥17,800), and Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (¥19,910) are all mid-range models for summer 2022 that have Snapdragon 695 5G. All of them have performance that seems “adequate” and profitable because they are less than 20,000 yen.

AQUOS sense6 is a terminal about a year ago. The 4GB / 64GB model is 13,310 yen, and the 6GB / 128GB model is 16,060 yen, making it an affordable price. This SoC is Snapdragon 690 5G.

ONE Mobile OCN Price Plan

OCN Mobile ONE is a cheap SIM with a high market share among MVNOs. Not only the share but also the speed measurement of this website is always high, and you can use it without any problem in terms of speed and price.

The plan fee (Voice call SIM) is as follows.

course 500MB per month 1GB per month 3GB per month 6GB per month 10GB per month
Basic communication ability 0.5GB 1GB 3GB 6GB 10GB
Basic monthly fee 550 yen 770 yen 990 yen 1,320 yen 1,760 yen
domestic call 11 yen/30 seconds
free call Up to 10 points are equivalent nothing
All you can eat All you can eat: ¥1,430, all you can eat for 10 minutes / Top 3: ¥935
Minimum usage period
No minimum usage period / No penalty
OCN light
mobile discount
Applicable outside 220 yen discount every month
Additional capacity 1GB/500 yen (can be carried over to the end of the month after 3 months)
Contract handling fee 3,300 yen
SIM card arrangement fee 433.4 yen

*500MB/month is not applicable for smartphone set

Mobile OCN ONE
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