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The ravaged cruise ship Artania finally leaves Western Australia after a three-week stay in which three people on board died of a coronavirus. The German liner began its voyage from Fremantle to Europe on Saturday afternoon, carrying 400 crew members and 11 passengers. It comes days after a 42-year-old Philippine crewmember became the third person in Artania to die in WA, bringing the state’s death toll to seven. ” the West, like me, are very happy to see him go, “Prime Minister Mark McGowan told reporters. WA recorded a single new local case of COVID-19 overnight, as well as two other Artania cases, bringing the state total to 544. Of these, 221 were linked to cruise, including 81 from Artania and 53 from Ruby Princess. “The cruise ship saga has been one of the most difficult issues we have tackled in WA,” said Mr. McGowan. “There is no doubt that we were faced with a situation that could easily have turned into a major health crisis, one that we would have lost control of and which could have overwhelmed our cruise ship sick hospitals.” 79 Artania crew members and 28 passengers remain in Perth. Eleven are in hospital, while the rest are in hotels, including the two new cases registered. Most are expected to leave WA on Sunday on a charter flight organized by the cruise line. A passenger was transported to hospital by ambulance on Saturday after medical experts determined that she was not well enough to navigate. But a spokesperson for the interior ministry said the nature of her illness had not been determined and may not have been linked to the coronavirus. McGowan said WA now has only 149 active cases and 33 COVID-19 patients in Perth hospitals, six of which are in intensive care. The most recent local case was a Rio Tinto entrepreneur who tested positive after a vacation in Bali. “Frankly, it is quite selfish and irresponsible to have traveled to Bali under the circumstances we knew we were facing during the March period,” said the Prime Minister. McGowan said Rio screened 1,600 workers using a finger prick antibody test. Only eight of them had been identified as having antibodies that could be linked to COVID-19, including the man who tested positive for the disease. It is understood that Artania will stop in Indonesia and the Philippines en route to Germany. Ship captain Morten Hansen said the crew member who died Thursday in a Perth hospital has been with the company since 2006 and recently served as a biker, calling his death “heartbreaking”. Two other Artania people died last week, one a 70-year-old passenger and the other a 69-year-old crew member. Australian Associated Press

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