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Amazon time sale (Amazon) held every day. Today, September 29, 2022, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII is 14% off for pre-orders, and compact external SSDs are 1,479 yen off.

The prices below are as of 17:00 on 29 September 2022. There is a possibility of changes and sell out, so check each sale page (you can also choose a size and color, but some sizes and colors are not on sale, so check the sales page carefully).

Earn points by charging before buying!

If you are a prime member, you can earn points by charging the gift certificate with a credit card of 5,000 yen or more.

“Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion”, which has a brand new 3D model, is 14% off for pre-orders!

“Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion” features Zack Fair, a young man who is trusted by a legendary hero and who is loved by a girl who holds the fate of the planet.14% off when you pre-ordercan be purchased at

By renewing all 3D models as HD graphics and characters and backgrounds,Get more into the storyNo doubt.

Excellent presence with full voice support. There are also arrangements of some songs, which will liven up the battle scene.

Game loading time is shorter and comfortable. External SSD for fast file transfer

Buffalo’s “External SSD 1.0TB SSD-PUT1.0U3-B/N”Fast file transfer of up to about 430MB/sIt is a stick type external SSD.

If you save the game data to SSD,Shorter game startup time and save data loading timeYou can enjoy the game more comfortably.

The body weight is lighter than AA alkaline batteriesAbout 17g, light and compact. Since it is cordless, it is convenient to carry around.

It can be used continuously for up to 12 hours. PS4 controller with large capacity battery is 20% off!

Has a large capacity battery,Up to 12 hours of continuous useA usable PS4 controller is available at a great price of 20% off.

Not only for PS4,Also compatible with PCSo, it can also be used for PC games.

Type-C fast charging and PS5 charging stand,Supports two charging methodsThe handle grip is made of smooth material, so you can comfortably immerse yourself in the game.

Buy in bulk before the alcohol price increase in October! “New Suntory Kinmugi [350ml×24本」 が18%オフ!

“New Suntory Kinmugi” combines the satisfaction of taste and aroma of barley with light drinkability. [350ml×24本」 が9/30までの限定タイムセールで、18%オフで登場しています。



>>サントリー金麦 9月タイムセール 9/30(金) 23:59迄

ビールの様なより力強いコクと飲みごたえが味わえる「本麒麟 [350ml×24本]But it’s a sale price!

“Hon Kirin [350ml×24本]” has a refreshing bitterness,You can enjoy a more powerful body and texture like a beeris the third beer.

Made with German Helsbrucker hopsWith a subtle bitterness and refreshing aroma, it delivers a powerful flavor and richness.

1.5 times longer than Kirin Beer’s traditional low temperature aging period,Adopt long-term low temperature agingHowever, by condensing the umami, you can enjoy a harmonious flavor that has been removed.

Lots of other great deals!

>>Popular liquor is advantageous by bulk buying

>>[Medi 29 yn unig]A wine press champagne set, a full course red and white sparkling wine set, etc. are a bargain

>>[Heddiw yn unig]Stage lighting is a bargain

>>[Heddiw yn unig]Matsuya product set special Amazon limited brand

>> To other “sale time” product listing pages

Kindle Daily Sale on September 29, 2022

* “Kindle version” applies on the sales page.

Below is a list of items currently for sale. Check the items that are important to you at any time.

>> Amazon (Amazon) Another “time selling” product listing page

>>Go to the upcoming “Sale Time” product listing page (click here for the mobile version)

>> Amazon (Amazon) Visit the page for a list of upcoming “Limited Size” time sales (PC version only)

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