Assemble the birthday number Xuhui lottery many relatives and won the lottery 7.37 million jackpot for many years – Teller Report Teller Report

Gathered the birthday number of the relatives, Xuhui lottery people kept the number for many years and won the first prize of 7.37 million in the LottoFlying into the homes of ordinary people

Last night, issue 22112 of the Sports Lottery’s Super Lotto Sport was drawn. The national sales of this issue was 277 million yuan, and more than 99.88 million yuan of lottery public benefit money was raised for the country. In the current period, a total of 6 bets of 7.37 million yuan were announced for the first prize of basic bets, which were distributed in Hebei, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Hubei.

The numbers “04, 11, 18, 20, 26” are drawn in the front area of ​​this lottery, and “06, 12” are drawn in the back area. The first prize in Shanghai came from sports lottery sales outlet number 05242 at No. 340 Xiangyang South Road, Xuhui District. At noon today, the grand prize winner came to the sports lottery redemption hall only and received the first prize with a smile on his face

“I didn’t expect that before the National Day holiday, that I would still be able to win several million jackpots. I started buying the super lotto sports lottery when it was listed. I am very happy when I win tens or hundreds of yuan I didn’t expect that luck to be honest It will come to me, and I will definitely celebrate with my family during the festival.”

The winning lottery player said: “Every time I buy a lottery ticket, I usually spend between 10 and 20 yuan. I have not won any impressive big prizes for more than ten years, but I am also slow in the process of buying a lottery. Slowly, I learned about the public good qualities of sports lotteries, and I know that I am doing good deeds, doing the public good, and conveying the positive energy of sports lotteries every time I buy lottery tickets.

After more than ten years of waiting, I have finally waited for it to bear fruit, “These numbers were chosen by myself, combining my family’s birthdays and my lucky numbers. I have not studied the trend chart , it is indeed The lottery which is full of ‘family touch’, together with my perseverance, the dream come true. Everyone in the family of the first prize deserves credit.”(Xu Lijun)

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