Assistant Alai Professor Srisamorn Kongphan, die Thai food expert

Assistant Alai Professor Srisamorn Kongphan, die Thai food expert

On 30 September, reporters reported that Assistant Professor Srisamorn Kongphan or Ajarn Srisamorn One of Thailand’s most important food experts. die

by KRUA.CO Facebook fan page of Sunlight Publishing House and KRUA.CO website posted on Facebook mourn and would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Assistant Professor Srisamorn Kongphan Even now Master Yasri Samorn has left readers and students. But Ajarn’s writings will always contribute to students of Thai food, royal food and kitchen work.

Assistant Professor Srisamorn Kongphan has passed on his knowledge of Thai food and is a conservative and continuation of Thai eating culture by being the director of Ying Charoen Ruan School. including instructors teaching various cooking classes such as Labor College Department Skill Development Department, Nai Wang Ying College Including distribution of Thai food abroad, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany, as well with Kitchen magazine consultant and Thai restaurant consultant in Nagoya, Japan, Siam Garden

by Asst. Professor Srisamorn owns many food books such as cookies and bread, table food, kitchen knowledge, Samrub Thai, arranged in words, made into pieces and Thai side dish

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