Assistant “Coach O”

Last month, let’s celebrate our new King’s Cup with our War Elephants team!

A place that has pushed to lose a penalty, the yellow tigers, Malaysia, at home, do not qualify for the finals in a bad mood for the whole country

The Sunday that just passed Turn to win some of the Premier League football clubs.

“Red Devils” Manchester United, the beloved team, came to be hit by a rival city together. Manchester City learned the ball to go all the way to fight 6-3.

The bigger the Thai League football, the bigger it is because the most popular team is “Muang Thong United” which before the start of the season … pretends to look good and have a future.

But enough to tell the truth Their performance at the start of the season was the worst in the club’s history.

Having won just one of the first 7 games, they are currently in 10th place in the table with just 6 points.

especially the last 2 big games that was hit by a rival

Losing in the nest to Chonburi FC to 1-5 is not enough, still overcome by “The Rabbit”, BG Pathum United lost another 0-3 at BG Stadium, fresh and hot.

So huge pressure from the expectations of the previous Kilen fans So it is slammed into the coach, “Coach O” Mario Yurovsky is really inevitable.

How many people are impatient, unable to stand it until a trend calls for Mario’s dismissal from the head coach’s chair…let him know and know he will survive!

Called if another coach hit by such force May be resigned to the cork

But that’s not the way of a “super-fighter” like Mario Yurovsky.

which confirms how He definitely did not want to leave the head coach’s chair at this time.

The owner said that If he leaves now like a coward and left the burden for others to come and take the lumber That is not my own way!

“Coach O” is still confident in the way he is doing that they can be developed further And believe that everything will be better in the (near) future for sure.

Being drawn into the crisis as ‘technical director’ (technical director) or ‘technical director’ of the club amid the surprise of Kilen fans.

Most of them understand that Rajevac will come in to replace Coach Mario soon.. not long.

Including myself thinking the same thing!

Until I had a chance to talk to “Big Pok” Wiluck Lothong, the president of Muang Thong. tell the front Behind the scenes of this deal, let’s hear that…

Personally, he does not know Coach Rajevac at all. I only know that he is a former Thai national team coach who was fired from his job many years ago.

“But it’s all a matter of Mario, who wants a consultant to help look at the general picture of the club.”

he has chosen Rajevac, a very experienced trainer To become his “assistant” in restoring this kirin swagger crisis

Both are said to be of the same nationality. (Yugoslavia) speak the same language which should be easier to communicate with (than) other coaches

More importantly, Mario should see the benefits. Coming to help “drink the game” that is a problem for the team this year. former head coach Chang Suek

Because Rajewat has a special talent. To adjust the team to have a strong defender.. tighter than it is.

This is an important “weak point”… which makes Muangthong’s performance limp. not a pineapple cat At the start of last season

In addition, “Big Pok” firmly confirmed to me ….

“Muangthong has no plans to sack Coach Oh in any way. Because he is the manager who is really the future of the club.”

In the past, he has already been referred to as an ‘Elicense’ coach from UEFA. So there is no reason for us to part with him.

Even Muangthong will not start the Thai League season very well. But I think Mario will adjust everything to fit in the end.

“Muang Thong’s goal remains the same. is to do the work to be in the “top five” of the table…in the end”

Which has to wait and see if the draw of ‘Milovan Rajevac’ as an “assistant” to Coach Oh

Will it really work for Kirin?

Muangthong football formula after this “Coach Mario” walks the game offensively

with “Coach Rajewash” coming to seriously help plug the hole in the defensive panel

4 more games left in October

If the work of Muangthong … still not improved

Who is he? How about… a brother or sister!!!

– B Bangpakong –

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