Atosolution launches ‘Organic Folic Acid’ with a heart for maternal and child health

Internal healthcare brand Neopharm Co, Ltd (CEO Kim Yang-soo) ‘Ato Solution’ announced on the 4th that it will launch ‘Organic Folic Acid’, which can provide essential nutrition for the growth of the fetus to pregnancy. women, newly married, and lactating women.

There are many nutrients that pregnant women should take, but among them, folic acid is classified as an ‘essential nutrient’. This is because folic acid is needed for the growth of the fetus and the formation of the cranial nerves and the central nervous system. If folic acid is not consumed properly, fetal growth may be delayed, premature birth, underweight, fetal neural tube defects, etc. may occur and have a negative impact on pregnant women. Therefore, folic acid should be consumed regularly before and during pregnancy and after birth.

‘Atosolution’ introduced ‘Organic Folic Acid’, which is certified for organic processing by extracting only organic plant-based ingredients from 100% of all raw materials including auxiliary ingredients, referring to the characteristic which is recommended for pregnant women to eat for a long period. time from delivery to lactation. Specifically, it excludes all additives such as chemical excipients, flavor and fragrance sweeteners, and synthetic fragrances that are added for productivity or product stabilization during the manufacturing process. In addition, since it is a nutritional supplement used by pregnant women who are concerned about the health of the fetus, it can be consumed safely with only synthetic additives as well as raw materials that can be safe from residual pesticides, radiation, and genetic modification. .

In addition, the content of one tablet of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D exceeds the recommended intake for pregnant women, so it is characterized by the ability to easily take the necessary nutrients. The amount of folic acid in one organic folic acid tablet is 800㎍, which is the same amount as the folic acid in 93 lettuces, 10 plates of blanched spinach, and 15 oranges. Even if the standard of daily nutrient intake for pregnant women is rather high, it is possible to meet the recommended daily intake by consuming one tablet a day. In addition to folic acid, it contains 4.8㎍ of vitamin B12 and 25㎍ of vitamin D, so it can solve the troubles of choosing a nutritional supplement for pregnant women.

An Atosolution official said, “Considering the health of mothers and children, we wanted to include the natural health and plant nutrition found in nature. I hope it will help you give birth to a healthy baby.”

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