Aubrey O’Day admits these plastic surgery procedures and responds to critics

Aubrey O’Day has become famous as one of the members of the supergroup, Danity Kane. The singer made her way into the hearts of millions of people after competing to be part of the group for two difficult MTV seasons Make the band. The group eventually split up and O’Day began a solo career and appeared on many other reality shows before reuniting. She also became famous for some of the high-profile men she dated, including Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O’Day 2019 | JC Olivera / Getty Images

Aside from his musical career, O’Day’s image is an important topic of discussion with criticisms of his changing appearance. Fans are constantly wondering if it went under the knife. He denied these claims until recently, revealing that he had some simple procedures.

Aubrey O’Day criticized after posting a photo on social media

Just in time for Halloween, O’Day debuted a new orange dye job on its social media pages. The new revelation was supposed to have fans focused on her hair, but their attention went elsewhere. His plump lips and what was perceived as a thinner nose had fans in disbelief of his appearance and did not hold back.

“Sooooooo … what’s going on here #AubreyODay?” A fan asked along with a photo of a popeyed monster side by side.

Source: Twitter

The answers came and were not pretty. “I thought he was a drag dress guy,” said another fan with a frowning face emoji.

Source: Twitter

“I hope you don’t really look like this,” replied another.

Source: Twitter

O’Day didn’t seem to respond to any of the comments and his public Instagram page was changed privately for a few days after criticism. It has since reopened its page to the public.

Aubrey O’Day talks about plastic surgery

O’Day has denied rumors about plastic surgery in the past. Although he appears more curved, with heavier booty, larger breasts and hips, he insisted that he didn’t do any upgrades. When pressed for changes in her face, she attributed it to makeup and contour.

Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O’day 2014 | Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Always one for a dramatic style, O’Day claimed that his facial adjustments were all due to the amount of makeup he used to get the look he wanted. She said Celebuzz in 2011:

“My makeup – how much or how little I have – constantly influences the way people see me regarding everyone who thinks I have had plastic surgery. Sometimes I look at the photos and think that maybe I don’t look alike. My eyes [do] look different or my lips look really big … It could have been a lip plumper, or a bad makeup artist, too much makeup or too little makeup. “


Source: Instagram

Fans did not buy it and after the recent backlash he received from his photos, he raided. In a recent interview with We weekly, O’Day realized the work done. “I have had lip fillers and Botox. I put in a lot of filters, “he revealed.” I know all the tricks and use them. “

Aubrey O’Day says she is happy with how she looks

The singer and reality star have had enough unwarranted criticism from fans. In the same interview with Us Weekly, O’Day replied to people who had bad comments about his appearance. The 35-year-old has talked about being in the public eye since she was a teenager and the effect that public opinion has had on her self-esteem

Source: Instagram

“I’ve been on reality TV since I was 17 and called a leather handbag that has been tucked into the dryer 15 times since I was 17. It’s all stupid … I think the worst comment I’ve ever read, and then I haven’t read any more, “It looks like an old leather bag that has been put in the dryer 15 times.”

We weekly

O’Day said she no longer cares about people’s opinions and has learned to love herself despite what others think, saying, “I look in the mirror. I know what I look like. I love myself! I’m the happiest I’ve ever seen. “

O’Day says that as long as he feels good, that’s all that matters. “I’m healthy, I don’t take drugs, I barely drink, I exercise every day and I feel mentally happy,” he said. “I don’t need anything other than what I’m doing because it works for me.”

As long as O’Day is happy, that’s all that matters.

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