Australian dies in Bali after complaining of breathing difficulties

An Australian is said to have died in Indonesia after complaining of breathing difficulties.

The man, in his 50s, died this week in vacation accommodation in Munggu, Bali, media reports said.

The regency of Badung police chief Roby Septiad said the man was with his Indonesian girlfriend when he complained of shortness of breath, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The woman gave him an unspecified “breath” medication, which is said to be Ventolin.

“At 3 am (June 3), the victim complained of shortness of breath and hugged (the woman) in his arms until his body finally did not move,” the newspaper quoted M as saying on Wednesday. Septiad.

“(She) then reported the death to the owner of the pension.”

The Bali coronavirus task force team arrived just before dawn to transfer the human body to Sanglah hospital using the island’s COVID-19 protocol.

Septiad said the results of the forensic medical examination to determine the cause of death were still pending.

“We have already informed the Australian consulate and are still awaiting family approval for the autopsy,” said Septiad.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been contacted for comments.


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