Autopsy results did not find Pol. Lt. Col. Panya any drugs. Villagers are forbidden to bring the body to the temple for religious ceremonies.

Autopsy results of “Pol. Lt. Col. Panya”, the perpetrator of the Nong Bua Lamphu tragedy. Drugs not discovered Villagers are forbidden to bring the body to the temple for religious ceremonies.

(October 7, 65) Pol Maj Gen Achayon Kraithong, spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, confirmed that Pol Lt Gen Panya Khamrab, a former police officer, was found after the body was found Na Wang used a gun to shoot and attack with a knife weapon. Inside the Nong Bua Lamphu Child Development Center including people in the neighborhood resulting in many deaths and injuries. before shooting his wife and himself dead

The officers brought the body of Pol.Lt.C. Panya to be tested for narcotics. In order to alleviate doubts about the issue of hallucinogenic drugs before the event, because Pol.Lt. Col. Panya history of taking methamphetamine. By confirming the results of the autopsy finding drug substances, it appears that there were no narcotic substances in the body of Police Panya in any way.

Reporters reported that Forensic doctors have completed the autopsy. and handed over to relatives for religious ceremonies Of the 10 injured, 3 have returned home and the rest are under close medical supervision.

Facebook Sorayuth Suthatsanachinda, a news worker, said that the car carrying the body of the criminal caused the attack. The tragedy of Nong Bua Lamphu having to park and wait for the temple because there is no temple to perform religious ceremonies because the villagers refused

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