Bangchak drew Christie Louise, a professional drifter. Become a FURIO lubricants distributor

Bangchak drew Christie Louise, a professional drifter. Become a FURIO lubricants distributor

Mr. Somchai Techavanich, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing Business Group, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, revealed that he has continuously developed new innovative products. For lubricants, he has developed FURIO (Furio) with Respoplex Technology, an intelligent molecule with excellent coating performance. Thus protecting the engine from wear in all driving conditions. It has been tested for performance in world-class racing at high engine revs and continuous running for 5000 km 367 rpm, 24 hours, as well as in performance testing with Dyno Test, which has been found to be effective in protecting against wear and decline. the condition of the oil is very good. therefore suitable for use in all driving conditions Achieved the highest API standard from America. It also meets the standards of leading car manufacturers such as BMW Longlife, MB, Porsche A40, VW, Volvo VDS, etc. FURIO also helps to save fuel and extend oil change intervals. This makes it cost effective and good for the environment.

Mr Somchai said Giving users a real experience of using FURIO which has been proven in world class racetracks. So Bangchak organizes FURIO activities to challenge the maximum defense. Go all the way Allow Bangchak members to prove their efficiency using only 50 points.Repurchase E-Coupon via from October 5-10, 2022 (or until rights are full), total of 5,000 gallons of Vrio Syntech Gasoline 5W30 worth 920 baht or Furio Syntech Diesel 10W30 worth 1,020 baht Free immediately at participating FURIO Care and Wash Pro gas stations from 25 October – 31 December 2022. See More details at www

Mr continued In order to create awareness of the excellent quality of FURIO, Bangchak has chosen Christie Louise Lunupon, a leading young professional drifter. from Thailand as a presenter because in addition to having the ability to drift the car Still has knowledge of engines and uses Bangchak products for fuels and lubricants in drift racing and everyday driving. In addition, he has many abilities, including being a music teacher. model and actress have a variety of lifestyles Cars are used in many forms. Therefore, it matches the FURIO features available for all driving styles. Advertising campaigns include online movies, out-of-home media, point-of-sale media, radio spots, etc.
Furio products are available in 100% synthetic and semi-synthetic versions. for gasoline and diesel engines Available at FURIO Care Bangchak gas stations and lubricants nationwide.

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