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Bartoš: We face bullying YES, supporters of Pirates can kneel

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Do you mind that the Svatopluk Bartík campaign works for the Pirates in South Moravia?

His role is similar to that of Jakub Horák years ago. If we were to illuminate the spotlights like this then as we are now, it is the same. Jakub has campaigned for many parties and he is not in FB to discuss things. Bartík made the Live Brno campaign, which was very successful. But I did not agree with his engagement, for example, because he is campaigning for the Mayors as well.

Do you mind that the president claimed that he had cancer, and that was probably not true?

It wasn’t until somewhere in connection with an article that pointed this out last week that I learned this context. The standard of our members and mine is to present the facts on the Internet. Speculation about one’s health is a common topic on both social networks and the tabloids, but in general I think that such topics are unsuitable for public discussion, as well as commenting on one’s appearance, family relationships and more. Mr. Bartík is not a member or spokesman of the Pirates. I do not follow his posts on FB and his case is his responsibility.

In your internal forum, you address the principle of tenders. It is one of the flagships and it seems that you are not at all clear about what positions and when to hold them. Are the Pirates going through a catharsis and figuring out how their basic building blocks should work?

I don’t think so at all. Everyone can discuss in the forum, and not everyone is familiar with the problem. We try to make that selection for all positions, both for the internal party and for the positions where we nominate people for the party. But there is still room for improvement. Many selections in the Czech Republic had some minor shortcomings, because there was no standard at the time. I think the principle of a learning organization works for us.

Do you personally insist that tenders remain?

Yes. I don’t think there’s any reason to restrict them. Rather, it is a question of how to attract people, because many of those positions look great, but it is a responsible position for little money and it is not exactly where you want other political parties to hit you as a nominee for Pirates. Especially from the YES side, it is bureaucratic media bullying.

Do you feel that way even in small towns?

When it turns out that you support the Pirates, then you have hell on the town and a kneeling can come.

Isn’t that exactly the problem with tenders, because the name of a person who applies for a job but hasn’t finished in his own one gets into the public space, so it’s up to the public?

In the selection process, we will finally publish the winning candidate and his profile. It is not that you make a list of people who are only interested in participating. We also work within the HR team. Working with people is something that even large companies have been learning for years.

Couldn’t you have better people if you didn’t do the tenders?

It would not be fair. Why did we come up with that too? Because as the party grows, people who feel a chance begin to appear. Some have good motivation, some bad motivation. It suddenly wants to help such people when there is money somewhere. We simply needed to set up a different way, in our view, as we should be in relation to the practices of other parties.

I think the handicap is that society is now terribly served YES and by the methods that are happening in politics. Forced departures, changes in the law, just so you can fire someone, people are afraid and it’s much worse.

What do you think people are afraid of?

You admit color that you support someone, and you get to eat it in your business by shutting them down for hygiene or getting four checks a year. The pressures are enormous and the power is unimaginable and can lead to economic liquidation. Working for politicians in some colors is a hallmark, and I don’t think it should be for any party.

You speak as if you were the only righteous ones, but it is your supporters who can be very aggressive and aggressive if you have a different opinion. Isn’t it more appropriate to reach into your own ranks?

I do not take on the role of the righteous. You do not choose supporters. But I think society is terribly tense. Especially when it comes to social networks. It’s an online version of a pub where people swear at politicians, are rude, and when you get there, they stop. It’s about what standard you set in your communication, and I try to keep it high. I don’t like it when people are hysterical and demagogic.

You talked about demagoguery. Sometimes it works so that the demagogues are Pirates. They insist fiercely on their principles and seldom allow debate, and some of your members are quite arrogant.

I think we are doing great compared to other politicians. But people are like that. The company has a communication trend. I am mainly responsible for myself and for what standard I set. I still read how arrogant the Boletus is. This sticker was invented by YES. Whatever he does, they pound him for it, and they strengthen this virtually made image.

It was from Prague that the impetus for a change in another of your flagships came, namely the accumulation of functions. Prague has agreed to extend the accumulation of functions from six months to one year. Do you agree with that?

The experience of Prague is such that a coalition was formed for half a year. We put our members before the choice, whether they choose either the municipality or the city district, and we really came across a practical experience. They stretched the maximum time by a year and I think it is good given the experience. The cure for this is for the party to grow at the level of regional associations.

Is this a solution for you at the national level as well?

There is no problem there. I think we will emphasize this in the post-election strategy. Only reality after the elections will show us.

So did you encounter the reality of politics that you did not expect?

We are in the Chamber for the third year. We have every proposal worked out. A possible loss in the negotiations is always painful for us. I expected people in other parties to live politics. We are sad that if we do not pass the law, I doubt that Members from other parties feel the same way. It is important to work well with your own people, because successes in opposition are not so great. It’s hard to stay motivated. The team must always support each other.

Are you demotivated?

No, but it’s a little burned out and tired. None of us rested during the coronavirus crisis. It was politically two difficult months.

What are your ambitions in the regional elections? In your opinion, does your candidate in the Central Bohemian Region, Jiří Snížek, who is 30 years old, have a chance to succeed?

I think yes. He is an educated, hard-working man who is involved in pirate politics, leads the region and people have chosen him on the basis of some qualities. He may not have so much historical experience, but it fits our motto: A chance to change the future. We cannot accept the theory that a politician can only be one who has already been a politician.

So where do you expect your biggest successes?

We have set ourselves the goal of having at least 100 regional representatives. In all regions except Olomouc we go separately. I expect that we will win the election significantly there. I also think that Josef Janů will be the governor in the Karlovy Vary region.

How did you manage to “conceal” Jakub Michálek’s internal party disputes with other parties?

Jakub is fine. I think as the party grows, it is important to learn and receive feedback. He managed to focus on increasing professionalism and empathy. He is motivated by people and focuses mainly on the club. He is in charge of preparing the program for the 2021 elections and I am excited about how it works.

You already have potential ministers selected, which you said you would do?

We are putting together a government team and we have potential candidates there, but the process is ongoing. There are people who are interested in ministries, they are not candidates for ministers. For example, Olga Richterová would certainly be a hot candidate for the social field, but it is a process that I am leading.

Well, when will you publish it?

According to the deadline, people who are interested in participating in positions in the state administration will be introduced. They are also people from outside the party and people who also deal with topics in the regions.

Is Mayor Zdeněk Hřib counting on, for example?

These are some hoaxes that ODS launches. I have no such information and I have not noticed any such interest from him either. His term in Prague did not end until 2022, and I think that Zdeněk will defend another term in Prague. Even though someone in the media still paints it, I think it does well and it’s hard. It’s harder than I am here in the House as party chairman. The latest Kantar poll gave the Pirates 26 percent in Prague.

So what will be part of your program for the 2021 parliamentary elections?

We will go with a program that we can implement, and it will not be shouts and passwords. The crisis will strike, the deficit will not be enough and it will not be good, and if the government does not prepare fundamental things, it will all go to remediate the social crisis. I see no light in their designs. We need to come up with, for example, minimal investment that will benefit the economy. It is, for example, the legalization of cannabis, which has a positive effect plus six billion in the first year.


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