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Pixar’s fairy adventure was released earlier this year Onward. With a production budget of at least $ 175 million and votes from Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, the worldwide lockdown made the film no more than a global box office revenue of around $ 100 million.

More than a week ago actually had Pixars Soul appear in North American movie theaters. Obviously, these two Pixar films were delayed long before that in 2020, until November.

Now Walt Disney’s Animated Daughter Has Unveiled A New, Beautiful Teaser Trailer To Get People Twice For The Director’s Latest Movie Pete Docter.

Video: Finding Soul
Pixar also posted an online panel that took place during the Essence Festival on YouTube, in which the team behind the film talks about what they have achieved. Below that video, with the title Finding Soul. The complete movie is scheduled for November 25. Are you already looking forward to this apparent animation topper?

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