Because Ving Rhames was held at gunpoint in his home

Ving Rhames, right, with Mission: Impossible co-star Tom Cruise. Photo: ‘[email protected]

pulp Fiction is Mission Impossible actor Ving Rhames is used to having the barrel of a gun pointed at him on the set of his films. But today he is still traumatized because it really happened to the famous actor in real life and, worst of all, at his house recently.

Rhames, 59, was held at gunpoint by police officers at his front door after a neighbor reported that a “big black man” had entered, the actor revealed to the media.

According to Rhames himself, as he shared “Good Morning America”, he was alone and dressed in shorts when, out of nowhere, the doorbell rang.

“I open the door and there is a red dot pointed in the face by a 9mm [handgun], “The star best known for her role in Little boy said in the Clay Cane show about Sirius XM. “They say,” Raise your hands. “

Rhames said the clash took place earlier this year. He said the potentially deadly incident dwindled quickly when the police chief recognized it.

“He said it was a mistake and apologized,” Rhames said, adding that he is still shaken, not only by having a gun in his face, but by what might have happened if one of his two sons opened the door. .

“My problem is, and I told him this, what if he was my son and he had a video game remote or something and you thought it was a gun?”

Rhames said police told him a neighbor had called 911 and said a large black man was breaking into the house.

“Me, the sergeant and another officer, went to that house, which was across the street from my house, and the person denied it,” Rhames said.

He continued: “Here I am at my house, alone in some basketball shorts. Just because someone called and said a big black man is breaking in, when I opened the wooden door I was pointed with a 9mm. “

Santa Monica police confirmed they went to her home and that a neighbor called Rhames police. But they refuse to confirm whether or not his officers pointed their guns at Rhames’ head.

Rhames probably wouldn’t have raised the question at all. But he has just been asked a question about his experiences with racism.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of all the reports of black men being attacked by the police,” Cane said. “You are a big star, but how does racism manifest itself in your life?”

Rhames’ story is a shocking reminder of the 20 or so high-profile incidents in which blacks called them to the police for mundane activities like barbecuing, sitting in a Starbucks, working out in a gym, and selling hot dogs and bottles of water. .

This incident of a prominent black man traumatized at his home is also very similar to what happened to Henry “Skip” Gates in suburban Boston in 2009 when the Harvard professor was arrested outside his own home after walking into the house. main entrance.

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