Behavior Interactive launches new game ‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’

Behavior Interactive has officially launched ‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’, jointly developed by Gaea Mobile Limited and HBO®, on the Google Play and Apple App Store on the 28th. It was announced today that it has been release

‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’ is a mobile collectible RPG, where you can collect newly designed characters and defeat powerful enemies with an enhanced core battle system along with numerous strategies.

In particular, as it is based on the Emmy® award-winning HBO series, the story of the game revolves around the main characters and events of the drama.

New storyline and gameplay
The story of the Game of Thrones begins 48 years before the beginning of the series Game of Thrones, when the Commander-in-Chief Brynden Rivers disappears over the wall. Players must discover what happened to Lord Rivers and uncover the mysteries hidden in the story.

In addition, you must collect characters, defeat enemies, level up, and discover new characters to recruit into the elite squad. As the game progresses, you can immerse yourself in wild fantasy games through free and exciting gameplay.

Completely overhauled combat system
He left the chess system behind and focused on a new combat system. You must discover each hero’s special abilities, design battle strategies and build a diverse squad to manage fierce battle scenarios.

Build your own Game of Thrones team
You can assemble the Squad of Westeros by collecting various versions of fan favorite characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Melisandre and Jamie Lannister, as well as several new heroes from this special story. Players will upgrade and equip their own squad and face enemies across the walls on an epic journey.

New Story Campaign
You can feel a mysterious and unique atmosphere through the story campaign, which is different from the current ones. Now, an epic journey begins in a vast unknown world beyond the wall.

Unleash your skills in PvP battles
You can gather squads and fight other players in various PvP systems to aim for the top ranks. Show your strength against the best Game of Thrones squad.

Defeat the boss together
You can form an army with your friends or other Lord Commanders to defeat bosses that threaten your defenses. You can also help each other to accelerate your hero’s growth, defeat giants, monsters, and more to win valuable rewards.

Jason Milena, Senior Creative Director, Behavior Interactive, said: “Like its predecessor, this new title continues to be inspired by the vast world that is essential to the identity of Game of Thrones. It will remind you of the moments that again.” “Maintaining the originality and complexity of the world’s narrative while re-imagining the new game was such an exciting experience that I wanted to share it with players urgently.”

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