After the German automobile company Heiji Benz announced to the outside world that it will launch an electric version of the G-Class in the future, recently Benz took the lead in announcing an electric off-road SUV called EQC 4×4², some of which are even better than the G-Class. To show the outside world that electric cars can also be used for wild adventures.

According to Benz, this EQC 4×4² electric off-road vehicle, which is redesigned based on EQC, will be redesigned for the suspension system and ground clearance. It will adopt portal axles system to make the ground clearance from 140 mm increased to 293 mm, and the height of the vehicle body increased by 200 mm. At the same time, the 285/50R20 size cross-country vehicle was replaced with a 285/50R20 sized cross-country vehicle to target the more rugged roads.

The EQC 4×4² electric off-road vehicle is reported to use a special audio system. The system will use algorithms to calculate the sound collected from the sound amplifier, and use the in-car horn to target the speed of the vehicle and the sound of the accelerator. Play the corresponding sound effects to interact with the driver. However, Benz stated that the EQC 4×4² will not be mass-produced, but only a concept car used to show the company a series of new technologies to the outside world.

Source: electrek

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