Big girls attack Bangkok and cry for ‘Chatchat’ to demand justice and no remedy after falling from the pipe for 61

A 64-year-old aunt stormed the Bangkok Council meeting room to demand fairness. After falling down the pipe since 61, there is no remedy. Threatened to jump himself

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at 11:50 am on September 28, 2022 at Airawat Pattana Building Bangkok City Hall 2 Din Daeng reporters reported that During the Bangkok Council meeting, the 2nd Special Meeting (4th time) Sutasinobol, aged 64, Mrs Trade Occupation Victims of the Bangkok sewer fall in front of Soi Chokchai 45 on December 5, 2018, into the meeting room and shout for him. Mr. Narong Ruangsri, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok. Asking for fairness after demanding that the BMA pay compensation of 5 hundred thousand baht for more than 4 years, but did not receive an answer

causing the atmosphere in the meeting room to end a security guard ran to bring Mrs. Sutasinobol come out and ask for details with Narong Mr. Let’s sit and talk.

in the meantime Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok. who was walking out of the meeting room to go on a mission went back and inquired during that time, Mrs. Sutasinobol to shake Mr Chatchat’s arm by Mr Chatchat I promise to help watch and monitor this story. causing Mrs Sutasinobol to calm down

Sutasinobol Mrs He said that he fell down the pipe since December 5, 61 and filed a complaint at the Chokchai police station. After that, he complained and followed up with all departments in Bangkok, including the Drainage Office (Public Office), district offices continuously to ask for compensation in the amount of 5 hundred thousand baht, which is calculated from the income lost because they did not come out to sell in the market There are also travel costs to complain and follow the progress as well. but has not received the requested remedy for 4 years

Sutasinobol Mrs He said he is entitled to NHSO (Gold Card) medical treatment at Mongkut Watthana Hospital which is far from the accommodation, which makes it difficult to travel so he had to give his son to buy medicine and salt Come and heal the a wound on my own. In the past, the BMA only gave fruit baskets. and he only put 5,000 baht in the envelope, but he considered it inappropriate Compared to injuries from such incidents After this, if you don’t get 5 hundred thousand, you will jump from a Bangkok building. to kill yourself As there was no life left, the husband died, the son lived in the states.

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