“Bird” suffers from a lost mobile phone with a picture of “watermelon”, like losing his memory.

Create “Bird” love “melon water” very sad then lost cell phone At the cow stall, Ratchadamnoen on night 1, at 3 am by the person posting an announcement ask for help If anyone finds a phone, please bring it back. urgent because there is a picture on the phonememory About “Watermelon” many said, by Bird, “Who found the red iPhone phone, which was lost in the cow stall, Ratchadamnoen on the night of 1 at 3 am, can it be collected or found? Contact and leave it at the police station, Chana Songkhram or Anna’s page or leave it at the BKKINK store or message me personally. Please help”

“I pray to God, and I ask Mo. If I can’t find him, I probably won’t have any pictures. feel like a loss Something we love so much, we’ve been looking for it for 2 nights. I hope you can find good people. It’s worth wasting my time. @melonp.official Honey lost her phone She doesn’t handle it well The memories of both of us may not be there anymore. All that was left was the memory in Aderyn’s brain.

before “Chad Luek’s Cham News Team” he asked about the people who were close to “Bird” confirm that “Today, Byrd is still sad. and losing a watermelon After a period of time with frequent drama news, the news was quite emotional for Bird because he never expected anything to benefit from the watermelon news.”

"A bird" sad mobile phone with picture "watermelon" Lost, exhausted, like memory loss

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