Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today, Latest Crypto Coin News October 2, 2022

Bitcoin Price ( BTC ) Crypto Currency (Cryptocurrency) Price Today 2022 Latest (2 October 2022)

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The first study published by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision details how the world’s largest financial institutions deal with around 9.4 billion euros ($9 billion) in crypto assets, a research report written by Renzo Corrias, the Secretariat. The Basel Committee further explained that of all bank risks, exposure to cryptocurrency is about 0.01% of the total risk.

bitcoin price today reduce -0.66% Compared to the 24 hour price, the price is 19,260 US dollars or 728,361 change baht +1.86% During the 7 days, according to the latest data at 7:50 am today

Other crypto currency prices Ethereum -1.35% Lead -0.02% compared to the end of yesterday, and BNB -0.74% in the last 24 hours

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