“Black Ant” counters “Mike” saying this, the transvestite loses their feelings after revealing the manager. The star is deceived.

In fact, men and women I will become bisexual to harass men It is not necessary, so I must have my husband as the greatest heroine in the world.BukkoShe told her mother to kiss her cheek. In the entertainment industry, my mother doesn’t eat to the limit, she kisses her cheek and hugs her. He loves that he loves preparing for a long job, whicha black antand he said immediately It does not hit merit.

a black ant also said But this one is sometimes confusing. Bisexual people lose their feelings, really. Mike Niggas lose feelings Bisexuals weren’t always like that. Soon everyone will join the entertainment industry and fear bisexuals. Bisexual people are not so scary. Bisexual people who give, many of than chittangs, but as themselves LGBT+ Having been in the entertainment industry for a long time I think it’s not always necessary to be a hero to lose yourself to a transgender woman from the heart, that’s all. Most of the transgender people are in the entertainment industry a lot. It doesn’t have to be crazy. because we have money to buy it

"a black ant" back garden "Mike Pattaradet" Say this, niggas lose feelings

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