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This TikTok ranks celebrities based on the way they treat waiters and the results are frightening


Gigi and Bella Hadid

First, the good news to report. When it comes to Gigi and Bella Hadid, the former hospitality worker turned TikTok viral star said they were nothing but nice to her, giving them a score of ten out of ten.

“These two are literally so cute,” he said. “I couldn’t say enough things about them. They are super polite and friendly to the staff, which I’m afraid unfortunately is rare for celebrities. ”

Josh Peck

“He and his wife came to lunch one day and he was so kind. I honestly think it’s the most beautiful celebrity I’ve ever met. He made all my childhood dreams come true. Ten out of ten. “

Nick Jonas

“So we have Nick Jonas, another childhood party. He came with his friends once and he was really quite normal and calm. There isn’t much to say about this, but he definitely looks like a good guy. I’ll give him an eight out of ten. “


“Next, we have the queen herself, AKA Beyoncé. This is definitely the most stunned I’ve ever seen. We haven’t talked too much. She and Jay-Z entered and I accompanied them to their table. But when he left, he made sure to look at me and give me a big smile and say thank you. She is beautiful.”

Obviously, she gave our Queen B a brilliant and appropriate 10000 out of ten score, duh.

Cameron Dallas

Of course, not all celebrities are polite and polite to wait for staff. How, apparently, Chasing Cameron star Cameron Dallas.

“I had a bad experience with him. He and his friend called after we were closed and settled on a table … and a little pulled a “you know who I am” at a certain moment. Four out of ten, he was rude. “

Hailey Bieber

When it came to Hailey Bieber, Carolann admitted that what she was going to say would “be controversial”.

“I met her a handful of times and every time she wasn’t cute. I really want to like you, but I have to give you three points five out of ten, sorry. “

In response, Bieber apologized in the comments. “I just stumbled upon this video and wanted to apologize if I’ve ever given you negative vibes or a negative attitude. It’s never my intention!”

Kylie Jenner

“He was fine, except that he tipped $ 20 on a $ 500 dinner bill. Do what you want with this information. That’s why I’m giving her a two out of ten. “

Kendall Jenner

“This is another one where unfortunately I haven’t had the best experience with them. She used to come in and was quite cold for our staff. Usually she also has someone who speaks for her and does not speak to the staff. I mean I should give you the benefit of the doubt, but from my experience, she was a four out of ten. ”

The high rate of coronavirus positive cases reveals flaws in the Florida Department of Health report


ORLANDO, Fla. – For at least the past 11 days, the Florida Department of Health’s coronavirus report shows that hundreds of labs report that 98 to 100% of COVID-19 tests are coming back positive, and according to the DOH these statistics are because some private labs They are not reporting their negative results at all.

The daily coronavirus report produced by the Florida Department of Health lists all coronavirus tests and their results – positive, negative, or inconclusive – from private laboratories across the state and from those outsourced to facilities outside Florida. A look at the daily coronavirus report shows that July 4 labs across the state reported positive cases above 98%.

While some of these high statistics can be explained by the number of tests performed, for example one on a test, others not. Some of the private labs report no negative tests but hundreds of COVID-19 positive tests.

Fox 35 was the first to report high percentages on the report.

Asked about 98 to 100% positivity rates in the report, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Health said the reason was due to some “small private labs” who reported no negative test results to the state.

“All COVID-19 cases are confirmed through diagnostic tests and antigens and then brought back to the state by the laboratories that perform the test. Private and public labs are expected to report positive and negative test results to the state immediately, “said an email from DOH’s July 14.” In recent days, the Florida Department of Health has noted that some small private labs were not reporting negative test results to the state. The Department immediately started working with these laboratories to ensure that all results were reported in order to provide complete and transparent data. “

The DOH spokesman said the state “will continue to instruct these laboratories on the appropriate protocol for reporting COVID-19 test results.”

However, state numbers show not only positive tests for small labs but also facilities affiliated with larger hospitals. Lee Memorial Hospital and NCH Healthcare System in southwest Florida, seven AdventHealth Centra Care centers in central Florida, and several veteran affairs medical centers across the state also report only positive cases.

Healthcare First, a Brevard County health care provider has seven labs with only positive test results, according to state numbers. A Health First spokesperson contested the DOH account claiming that the hospital system reports all test results to the state every day.

“Health First reports all COVID-19 test numbers to the Healthcare Agency (AHCA) emergency system database every day. This includes positive, negative and total tests administered. As has been recently reported by other hospitals, Health First is also finding that the numbers we have reported in the system do not reflect or are consistent with those that are currently publicly reported. Our actual positivity rates are significantly lower than the data reflected on the AHCA website. We asked for clarification and are waiting for the agency’s response, “said a Health First spokesperson in an email.

According to Health First, the health system has a 7.1% success rate.

On July 4, over 400 labs reported 100% positive cases, by July 15, more than 475 showed 100% COVID-19 positive results, according to state numbers.

News 6 reached central Florida facilities with high positivity rates in the state report. As of this report, outside of Health First, only Orlando Health responded by sharing its test numbers for all 12 of its labs. Hospital chains have reported that its labs in 12 facilities are reporting an average of 9.4% of positive tests.

A review of the state report found that hospital test data shared with News 6 does not match St. Cloud Hospital. The state report shows that St. Cloud hospital has 20 positive and zero negative cases. The numbers published by Orlando Health show the exact opposite.

While some Orlando Health facilities present 100% positive cases, according to the state and numbers of Orlando Health, it is because only a few tests have been conducted in those facilities. For example, Arnold Palmer Hospital Laboratory has a positive case on one test, showing 100% positive cases, but the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Clinical Lab has 4,164 negative and 84 positive tests, showing 2% of its tests returned positive.

Seminole County emergency officer Alan Harris said labs could report positive and negative cases on different days as they try to get test results as quickly as possible

“All labs report numbers. Some of the (labs) are obviously reporting very, very quickly and then they put the negatives on the next day, so what does that mean? That means that for that day it will show 100%, but the next day it could show it 0.5% because they have to recover, “said Harris.

More than 2.7 million COVID-19 tests have been administered in Florida since March and as demand for tests increases with the increase in the number of virus cases, laboratories have struggled to keep up.

“With the increase in tests, unfortunately the staff has not increased in every laboratory, so the priority will always be positive cases,” said Harris.

Check for updates on this developing story.

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Jake is 58 in limbo when the casino can reopen the hotel


Officials from Suffolk OTB and owners of Jake’s 58 say that the Islandia casino hotel, which has been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, could remain closed for at least another two months.

Delaware North, 58-year-old Buffalo owner of Jake, who runs the Suffolk County regional off-track video-lottery casino, said in an email that he implemented security measures to prepare the facility for customers, but he was not told by state officials when he can reopen.

Casinos connected to hotels cannot reopen, according to the New York reopening plan website. There is no indication on the site where casinos will be back in business. The hotel part of Jake’s 58 is also closed.

“We appreciate the approach taken by New York State to reopen intelligently and safely and we have no further information on when we will reopen,” said Suffolk OTB spokesman Jon Schneider in an email. “However, once we are allowed to reopen, we look forward to all of our employees returning to work.”

The Suffolk OTB has abandoned most of its 300 Jake 58 employees after the casino closed. Schneider said that OTB would pay for their health benefits until July 31st.

Before the pandemic, Jake’s 58s were among the most successful gambling halls in the state, generating millions of dollars a year for Suffolk and other entities such as public schools. The casino also helps OTB, which filed for bankruptcy in 2011, to pay around $ 15 million to creditors.

OTB owes a minimum of $ 1 million this year from Jake’s 58 to Suffolk this year, and a total of around $ 20 million, including those from other OTB operations, said Rob Calarco (D-Patchogue), president in an interview of the county. He said the revenue lost by OTB was between $ 300 million to $ 500 million in losses expected for the county this year due to COVID-19.

Delaware North reported to the State Department of Labor last month that 24 non-Junion Jake employees were temporarily out of work in March. The filing states that the hotel-casino shutdown should “exceed six months”, indicating that it may not reopen until late September.

Glen A. White, a Delaware North spokesperson, said that the employees concerned work primarily in the hotel and its restaurant business, but are technically OTB employees managed by Delaware North.

White said the notification, known as the WARN notice, was issued because the casino could be closed for another two months, although officials are preparing to open the facility as soon as state officials allow it.

“But we hope Jake 58 can reopen soon,” White said in an email, adding that the facility’s heating and cooling system has been updated.

Upon their return, customers will need to register to enable contact tracking and social distances, and masks will be required, White said. Seat capacity will be limited, he said.

Rich Azzopardi, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s spokesman, said he could not set a date when Jake’s 58 years could reopen, adding that officials are following “data and best practices” before making that decision.

“I know people are unhappy,” said Azzopardi in a note. “But better than sick or worse.”

With Mark Harrington

Twitter helps 5-year-old boy steal money from “honesty shop”


The 5-year-old boy who had money and his stock of eggs and cheese stolen from his honesty shop is inundated with support after the BBC antiques star tweeted that thieves should “be ashamed”

  • Harry Clare, five, from Malvern, Worcestershire, sells eggs and cheese from an honesty shop in his parents’ glamping
  • The family noted that his money and supplies were all stolen on Tuesday
  • BBC antiques expert Philip Serrell shared his situation on Twitter and the family was inundated with offers of financial help
  • Many of those who saw him were outraged, someone would have stolen from a rural honesty shop

The family of a five-year-old boy who was stolen from his honesty shop – including the goods he was selling and the money he had made – received hundreds of offers of help after the news went viral on social media.

Antiques expert Philip Serrell, who appears on the BBC’s antiques shows, shared the difficult situation of Harry Clare, five years after he learned of how his honesty shop had been ransacked.

The boy sells eggs and other dairy products including goat milk – and even soap – from his parents’ glamping site, Rosebud Meadow, in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Harry Clare, five, from Malvern, Worcestershire, sells eggs and cheese from an honesty shop in his parents' glamping

Harry Clare, five, from Malvern, Worcestershire, sells eggs and cheese from an honesty shop in his parents’ glamping

On Tuesday, Harry’s family noticed that the budding shopkeeper’s supplies had been taken, along with the takings.

Auctioneer Serrell shared the family’s dismay on social media, writing on Twitter: ‘This is Harry – he is five years old and runs a small honesty shop next to my Saleroom.

‘Someone stole his money and supplies. They will probably be too ashamed to return, but if they can read this, I hope it will cost them a few nights’ sleep. “

Serrell saw his tweet re-tweeted by famous faces including Rev Richard Coles and has now been appreciated by nearly 24,000 people.

BBC antiques star Philip Serrell posted Twitter theft posts and over 23,000 people saw the tweet

BBC antiques star Philip Serrell posted Twitter theft posts and over 23,000 people saw the tweet

The boy’s mother, Rosie Clare, told the BBC that her son was a budding shopkeeper and they were touched by the response, saying: ‘We had people from all parts of Devon and Scotland and a lady in New York who sent a message. ”

Many of those who got in touch were outraged that someone would break into a child’s honesty shop.

@ Cindy46282686 wrote: ‘Who would do it ??? I disemboweled this boy not for the money, but for the fact that he is already forced to deal with the life of society. If I could send little Harry a note of encouragement from Australia, I would definitely do so. I’m sorry little boy. ‘

@ghostlytom wrote: ‘Poor Harry! Except for the eggs, what does Harry sell? If something can be published, I would buy it, covering mail and package of course. ”

@BILDERBERG_GP added: ‘Some people have no value. They will not lose any sleep. They will come back to see if there is more to steal. Little Harry should continue. It is a star. ‘

On Wednesday afternoon, Serrell said the family was thrilled with all the responses and asked people to donate something to the children’s charity as a gesture of kindness instead of giving money to the family.

He wrote: ‘I suggested that, rather than sending money, it would be nice if people could give anything, anything, to a local charity for them and then record what was given for Harry, we are thinking about how! #AGiftfromHarry – please don’t do anything yet. Details later. ‘



The judge ceases federal enforcement amid the claims of the detainee with dementia


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) – On Wednesday, a judge stopped the execution of a man said to be suffering from dementia, who had been sentenced to die by lethal injection in the second federal government execution after a 17-year hiatus.

Wesley Ira Purkey, convicted of a gruesome kidnapping and murder in 1998, was slated for execution Wednesday at the American penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Daniel Lewis Lee was executed on Tuesday after his eleventh hour have failed.

US District Judge Tanya Chutkan in Washington, DC imposed two injunctions on Wednesday that prohibit the Federal Office of Prisons from proceeding with Purkey’s execution. The Justice Department immediately appealed in both cases. A separate temporary stay was already in place by the United States Circuit 7th Court of Appeals.

Early morning legal disputes suggest that a series of disputes will continue in the hours ahead of Purkey’s scheduled execution, similar to what happened when the government executed Lee following a Supreme Court ruling.

Lee, convicted of killing an Arkansas family in a 1990s plot to build a white-only nation, was the first of four condemned to die in July and August despite the coronavirus pandemic that raged inside and outside prisons.

Purkey, 68, of Lansing, Kansas, was said to have been the second, but his lawyers had yet to ask for a Supreme Court ruling on his jurisdiction.

“This skill issue is a very strong issue on paper,” said Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center. “In the past, the Supreme Court has suspended executions on this issue. At a minimum, the question of whether Purkey dies will go at the last minute. “

Chutkan did not rule on Purkey’s jurisdiction, but said the court must evaluate the application. He said that while the government may disagree with Purkey’s attorneys on his jurisdiction, there is no doubt that he would suffer “irreparable damage” if he were put to death before his claims could be evaluated.

Lee’s execution went on one day late. It was scheduled for Monday afternoon, but the Supreme Court only gave the go-ahead in a tight 5-4 early Tuesday ruling.

Purkey’s mental health problem arose in the run-up to his 2003 trial and when, after the verdict, jurors had to decide whether he should be put to death in the murder of 16-year-old Jennifer Long in Kansas City, Missouri. Prosecutors said they raped and stabbed her, dismembered her with a chainsaw, burned her and dumped her ashes 200 miles (320 kilometers) away in a septic pond in Kansas. Purkey was sentenced separately and sentenced to life in the 80-year death of Mary Ruth Bales of Kansas City, Kansas.

But the legal questions about whether he was mentally fit to be tried or sentenced to die are different from the question of whether he is now mentally fit enough to be put to death. Purkey’s attorneys argue that it clearly is not, stating that in recent documents he suffers from the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.

“He has long accepted responsibility for the crime that put him on death row,” said one of these lawyers, Rebecca Woodman. “But as his dementia has progressed, he no longer has a rational understanding of why the government plans to execute it.”

Purkey believes his scheduled execution is part of a conspiracy involving his lawyers, Woodman said. In other documents, they describe disappointments that people were spraying poison in his room and that drug dealers implanted a device in his chest to kill him.

While various legal issues in Purkey’s case have been raped, redesigned and resolved by the courts for nearly two decades, the issue of mental fitness for execution can only be addressed once a date has been set, according to Dunham, who teaches law courses on capital punishment . A date was set only last year.

“Competence is something that is always evolving,” so judges can only evaluate it in the weeks or days preceding a final execution date, he said.

In a historic 1986 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution prohibits the execution of someone who lacks a reasonable understanding of why he or she is executed. It concerned the case of Alvin Ford, who had been convicted of murder but whose mental health had deteriorated behind bars to the point, according to his lawyer, he believed he was pope.

Legal standards that someone has a rational understanding of why an execution is taking place can be complex, Dunham explained.

“I could say I’m Napoleon,” he said. “But if I say that I understand that Napoleon has been sentenced to death for a crime and is executed for it – this could allow for execution.”

Purkey’s mental problems go beyond Alzheimer’s, his lawyers said. They say that as a child he was subject to sexual and mental abuse and, at age 14, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and psychosis.

Last week, three mental health organizations urged American lawyer William Barr to stop Purkey’s execution and commute his life sentence without the possibility of probation. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America and the Treatment Advocacy Center have said that the execution of people with mental disorders like Purkey “constitutes a cruel and unusual punishment and does not behave with” evolving decency standards “.”

The mother of the killed teenager, Glenda Lamont, told Kansas City Star last year that she had planned to attend Purkey’s execution.

“I don’t mean that I’m happy,” said Lamont. “At the same time, he is a madman who, in my opinion, does not deserve to breathe anymore.”

The start of Lee’s execution showed that many things can still happen before Purkey’s planned one.

On Monday, hours before Lee was sentenced to death, a U.S. District Court judge suspended the execution over death row inmates’ concerns over how executions were to be executed, and an appellate court held her confirmed, before the Supreme Court overthrown early Tuesday.


Leeds United’s promotional permutations after Brentford’s victory when Marcelo Bielsa supports the white mentality

FOCUS – Marcelo Bielsa says that Leeds United is not thinking about the consequences of the game and supports its players to face the emotions of the championship run-in

Apis’ 1-0 home win against Preston means that Bielsa’s men cannot win promotion tomorrow evening by beating Barnsley.

But a win over the Tykes will move Leeds to 87 points, so the points lost to West Brom or Brentford on Friday or Saturday will send whites respectively.

The Baggies travel to Huddersfield Town on Friday and Thomas Frank’s bees are involved in Saturday’s kickoff in Stoke City before the Leeds trip to County Derby on Sunday.

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Leeds fans tuned in to Brentford’s clash with Preston on Wednesday hoping for a result that would leave their team on the brink of the Premier League, only for a goal by Ollie Watkins that led to eight Bee Bounce wins.

In the end, Leeds is master of its own destiny and Bielsa says that the mood in the field has not changed.

“At the moment the feeling we have is the same feeling we have had so far,” he said.

“We only go for the win in every game.

“We are not thinking about the consequences if we win the game.”

The coach supports his players to face the situation they are facing as the championship promotion race enters his last moments.

He says they are more than capable of harnessing their emotions to help them get through the crunch encounters.

“Professionalism allows you to choose the best mood for the competition,” said Bielsa.

“Players have the ability to solve the most immediate requirements. They also know how to manage the emotions that make them even stronger and weaker, according to the emotion that has a good origin, in a good way.

“You need to manage those emotions to be able to compete in a positive way.”

Bielsa, who praised Barnsley’s previous bout – a 2-0 win for the whites – as a “good game” isn’t sure if visitors, themselves at the bottom of the table and in desperate need of points, will be attacked. It is possible, he thinks, that they can come to Elland Road and settle on the defensive.

“It may be an option [coming to attack] or not, but sometimes when teams are forced to win, sometimes they want to win the game but prefer to force a mistake from their opponent, “he said.

“They can use both options. It is true that the question you ask [Barnsley setting out to attack] it is the most logical.

“It is true that inside [the first game] they attacked clearly, I can’t say what will happen this time. “

Weed Bro Wars | Chronic city


The main complaint about large amounts of money being poured into the cannabis business is that it could ultimately represent “corporatization”, driving out smaller players and concentrating wealth in fewer hands. And this is certainly a valid concern. But there is another problem associated with it: the hype, the insane banality and the sloppiness that has surrounded the vessel since States began to legalize the use of adults eight years ago.

Celebrities have piled up, including many “controversial” ones, mainly from third or fourth tier such as Mike Tyson, Roseanne Barr and Gene Simmons. While many pan companies market themselves (legitimately or not) as “good corporate citizens” and trade on their attention to the environment and other causes, many others seem more interested in marketing themselves by sponsoring hip-hop shows, professional wrestling matches, events extreme sports or discos. They ignore the sweet, earthy appeal of cannabis and sell it as a “lifestyle product” in much the same way that luxury spirits or high-end sneakers are marketed.

There is, of course, a lot of money behind all this. Or anyway, there was.

MedMen founder and CEO Adam Bierman left the national chain of luxury weeds in January amid a flurry of layoffs, business sales and lawsuits. At that point, the company was already trying to convince sellers to accept equity instead of money, even if that capital was rapidly losing its value. He and his co-founder Andrew Modlin have been accused – along with many other things – of having spent both the company and themselves profitably; buying Teslas and hiring private jets, for example. They denied any accusations of impropriety.

Bierman has long been thought of as the last “weed killer”, but it looks like it may now have real competition. Last week came the news that Curtis Heffernan, the president of Ignite International, has sued that ever-running weed company headed by Dan Bilzerian, a man who is often described as an “Instagram star”. Publish many photos of his muscular and bearded self in party situations, often on yachts, hanging around with sexy models and other party people.

A lot of news about Ignite begins with him and his reputation, finally getting to what Ignite really does deep down in the text. There, readers learn that Ignite sold the branded herb for the first time, then turned to the CBD market and now seems primarily interested in licensing its brand, including the goat skull logo.

Heffernan’s lawsuit claims he was kicked out for complaining about Bilzarian’s allegedly insane spending levels, often on himself. For example, the company pays Bilzarian’s rent of $ 200,000 a month for his home in the Los Angeles hills, according to the lawsuit. He also pays the bill for yachts, parties, air travel and many other extravagances.

“He traveled the world with a harem of models that would have made Hugh Hefner jealous, expecting the company would cover everything,” said Heffernan’s attorney in a note last week.

The expense would help account for the company’s financial results: it recorded a loss of $ 50 million last year.

Bilzarian denied the allegations in a statement to the TMZ celebrity gossip site.

Chris Roberts, who covers the weed business for Forbes, anonymously cited some former Ignite employees who said the allegations were fair. Whatever product or service Bilzarian wished, the CEO “would simply have wrapped it with the Ignite logo, and suddenly it was an expense of Ignite and would have sent them the bill,” said one of them. These include “Swimming pools, trampolines, [and] his “personal events” that had nothing to do with business. “

Ignite’s shares debuted on the Canadian over-the-counter market in January 2019, trading on its first day at $ 2.51 per share. It has continued to sink like a lot of hammers and – although it has zigzagged some since then – is now trading at just 66 cents per share.

Investors who are considering buying in the weed sector may want to check whether the company they are considering has ever been the subject of a TMZ story or whether senior executives are “Instagram influencers”. Or better yet, just buy a mutual fund.


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers falls in Memphis – Basketball – NBA


Bad surprise for the Los Angeles Lakers. Western conference leaders lost to the Memphis Grizzlies (105-88) on Saturday, ending their streak in seven games from February 9th. Only the eighth of the conference, the Grizzlies themselves, offered one of their best wins of the season, and therefore stopped their streak of five straight defeats. They hadn’t won since February 13th.

After a balanced first quarter (29-25), Memphis escaped from the scoreboard in the next 12 minutes, driving in particular 16 units (49-33, 19 °) and reaching the break with a comfortable advantage (58-46). Returning from the locker room, the Grizzlies did not leave the pace and had a 20 point advantage (86-66) at the end of the third quarter.

Seven minutes from the beep, the Lakers managed to get back to nine points (90-81). But Memphis hasn’t decentralized so far and immediately widened the gap again, to clearly win against one of the best teams of the season. Ja Morant (27 points, 14 assists) and Dillon Brooks (24 points) were the two best scorers for the Grizzlies, followed by Jonas Valanciunas, author of a nice double double (22 points, 20 rebounds).

As for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James was limited to 19 points (8/18 in filming, 2/8 of which were three points). But he still “doubled” with 10 assists. Anthony Davis scored 15 points and nine rebounds. The Californians won’t have time to mull over this defeat, as they will play the New Orleans pelicans on Sunday.

Victorian golden state

Two other teams from the western conference won on Saturday. The Golden State Warriors, who live a nightmare season (the last of the conference, having been in the last five previous seasons), went on to win with the Phoenix Suns (115-99). They remain on eight straight defeats and have been waiting for a win since February 4th.

Phoenix had however started the match very well, leading 41-28 after a quarter. But Golden State had narrowed the break gap (65-61), before passing a 31-16 to just the third quarter. The Warriors then held their hand up towards the buzzer. Off the bench, Eric Paschall was the Golden State’s top scorer with 25 points. In the Phoenix ranks, Élie Okobo stood out, scoring 14 points and taking seven rebounds in 20 minutes of play.

The San Antonio Spurs imposed themselves at home against the Orlando Magic (114-113). Guided in the last few seconds, the Texans drew and then took advantage of Bryn Forbes’ shots. Trey Lyles was Spurs’ top scorer with 20 points. On the Orlando side, Evan Fournier shone with 23 points, finishing the best scorer in the game.


Trading Johnson & Johnson once reports earnings


So far everything has been focused on banks. This is about to change on Thursday when Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – Get report reports earnings before the stock market opens.

Investors will focus on several things from Johnson & Johnson. They will want to know how his coronavirus vaccine is coming and how things have gone with so much volatility that afflicts the economy.

So far, the stock is the very definition of “V-shaped recovery”.

The stock plunged 29% from peak to low in 34 trading sessions, before rebounding 44% from the low in just 22 trading sessions. Incidentally, J&J hit new all-time highs amid that rebound.


Netflix Earnings Report Q2 2020: forecasts and projections

Netflix Earnings Report q2 2020

What should we expect from Netflix’s quarterly earnings report? Esra Hacioglu / Anadolu agency via Getty Images

The sports world often jokes that the NFL stands for “Not For Long” thanks to the high degree of equality, the short-lived careers and the short memory of those involved in the game. As soon as a Super Bowl champion is crowned, questions abound about their ability to repeat themselves while team no. 1 of the league abound. But football isn’t the only arena where this “what have you done for me lately?” attitude prevails.

Following a record-breaking Q1 in which Netflix added a 15.8 million new subscriber company, all eyes are on the streaming platform’s Q2 earnings report, which will be released when business closes on Thursday. Unlike most other media and entertainment conglomerates, Netflix thrived during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, the company’s shares peaked at an all-time high of $ 499.50; at the time of this writing, it’s at $ 516.69. Their market capitalization is currently $ 227.19 billion, higher than Disney ($ 218.56 billion), AT&T ($ 213.82 billion) and Comcast ($ 190.83 billion). This may be a shock, but home birth fits Netflix pretty well. The main question, however, is whether the company can maintain its unprecedented momentum.

“Subscriber growth is the key, so margins, therefore free cash flow,” Northlake Capital Management founder Steve Birenberg told Observer. “Subscriber estimates have risen. The purchasing side is ahead of the sales side, which is ahead of the consensus. The most recent estimates require a net increase of 12 mm compared to a guide of 7.5 mm. “

The Birenberg fund is long but partially covered for the earnings report.

SEE ALSO: A new “Doctor Moreau Island” is being developed: exclusive

Fewer international cancellations could result in a strong Q2 for net paid additions on Netflix, suggests the data provided to Observer by SimilarWeb, one of the main market intelligence companies. Netflix’s unmatched investment in key overseas regions for years has long been the company’s biggest advantage in streaming wars. Based on these projections, the streamer will continue to benefit in this area.

SimilarWeb created a backtest model using sign-up and cancellation page-level traffic data at the desktop page level, suggesting stronger year-over-year growth in the second quarter compared to the first quarter. In the United States, this was equivalent to engaging desktop users up almost 16% from the second quarter of 2019. In other words, more people visit the Netflix site more frequently than in the same period last year. Abroad, the company found that users were visiting the Netflix desktop cancellation page, where subscribers are ending their paid plans, at the lowest level since the second quarter of 2018. So, fewer customers skip the ship.

“International cancellations declined 26% year-on-year in the second quarter,” said Clement Thibault, industry consultant at SimilarWeb. One reason to trust these estimates is Netflix’s sizable pipeline of new content in the midst of a global production hiatus that has forced movie theaters to close and delay major TV shows. As we noted earlier when exploring Netflix’s large lead in audience demand, the company released 59 new originals in March, the first month of production shutdown, and is expected to lose 56 new originals in July. This has kept the streamer at the forefront of the industry while many of its rivals are forced to the sidelines.

“The SimilarWeb model estimates that the drop in Netflix’s cancellations, coupled with a 3% annual increase in international subscriptions, could increase the net additions of subscribers paid internationally up to 31% compared to a year earlier,” explained Thibault. In the second quarter of 2019, Netflix lost 100,000 U.S. subscribers, their first domestic decline in eight years, adding just 2.83 million new international users.

Traffic to Netflix’s desktop signup page also increased in the U.S., SimilarWeb found. Unique monthly visitors to Netflix’s desktop sign up page in the United States rose 0.9% year-over-year and about 2% from the first quarter. This is in line with Netflix’s previous reports that it guaranteed high audience traffic at all times through AT&T platforms.

“I think there is growing confidence in the idea that Netflix is ​​global in terms of both subscribers and content production,” said Birenberg, “a real competitive advantage in the streaming wars.” While Birenberg wonders if adding additional 20 million to 30 million subscriptions in 2020 against pre-COVID estimates drives the company’s financial model in terms of margins and free cash flow (FCF), he believes the paradigm surrounding the on-demand subscription video has evolved in recent months. “I think it is now clear that COVID has shown that NFLX (and streaming in general) has a wider market than previously thought,” he said.

Long story short, we can probably expect a healthy earnings report from Netflix on Thursday.

This report has been updated with Steve Birenberg’s quotes.

Netflix is ​​awarded for another stellar neighborhood like COVID-19 Rages