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How Coronavirus Changed the World in Three Months – Video | News from the world


In just three months, the coronavirus has turned the world upside down. But how did it go so quickly? We look back to where it all started – from its origins in Southeast Asia to its acceleration in Europe and the United States. As the infection rate increased and countries locked in, people began to find imaginative and inspiring ways to deal with our new reality.

Maguire Helps Negotiate £ 4 Million Agreement With NHS, Milinkovic-Savic To Replace Pogba And Sancho LAST Transfer – The Sun


MAN UTD continues its transfer activity, with a first summer signature now confirmed in the form of goalkeeper Radek Vitek.

Jadon Sancho and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic could also get closer to their movements, but Paul Pogba would consider withdrawing from his contract.

Follow all the latest gossip and news from Old Trafford below …

MediaTek caught in the act of cheating on the performance of its SoCs

Mediatek 5G

According to an Anandtech investigation, MediaTek has integrated into the software it provides to its partners using its chipsets an artificially boosting module.

Two years after thwarting the tricks of a certain Huawei who, too, trafficked his fleas in order to make them more efficient during the benchmarks, Anandtech reveals that MediaTek is doing the same in order to boost its results.

MediaTek tampers with the code of certain OEMs

When a manufacturer opts for a MediaTek SoC, the founder provides him on the one hand with the chipset, and on the other with the firmware that allows the smartphone to take full advantage of it.

According to Anandtech, MediaTek has thus modified the code provided to certain partners in order to temporarily boost the clock frequencies of the SoC when a benchmark software is in use.

What put the chip on the ear of the specialists, it is to discover that an OPPO Reno3 Pro equipped with a Helio P95 surpassed in performance the enormous Dimensity 1000L – the most high-end SoC of the founder.

A very real sham, since after having tweaked the benchmark application to ensure that the system can no longer recognize it, the results obtained by the smartphone have been significantly reduced.

MediaTek cheat benchmarks

Left, the actual performance of the OPPO Reno3 Pro. Right, the tampered performances. © Anandtech

Performance inflated by 30 to 70%

MediaTek does not go with the back of the spoon. According to Anandtech’s observations, the performance gain allowed by the fraudulent code was at least 30%, and up to 70% on certain tests.

And the OPPO Reno3 Pro is certainly not the only smartphone accused. In total, nine smartphones from OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme, iVoomi and Sony have passed on the operating table of Anandtech. All of them included a code allowing to artificially inflate the performances of the SoC when a benchmark software was detected.

MediaTek cheat benchmarks

The list of devices tested by Anandtech. © Anandtech

MediaTek Defends Against These Charges

The Taiwanese founder did not remain without reacting to the accusations of Anandtech. Quickly, the company contacted the media to explain, and posted a press release on his blog to legitimize his actions.

Reaffirming its confidence in the benchmarks that represent, according to him, the true capacities of their chipsets, MediaTek explains that a large number of factors is likely to vary the performance of its products.

First, the most recent SoCs are effectively designed to adapt their power according to the load. And the benchmarks are precisely coded so as to test the hardware capacities to the maximum. But not to the point of reaching a difference of around 70%, tempers Anandtech still.

Moreover, and rightly so, MediaTek points out that the code it provides to its partners, which also makes it possible to boost the performance of SoC, is free to be integrated or not. “Builders Have The Final Word On What Type Of Optimizations They Want To Include In Their Android Package Kits (APKs)“Says MediaTek, as if to get rid of the hot potato.

Only, as Android Police recalls, many manufacturers have already been pinned for similar reasons, which would tend to agree with MediaTek. We talked about it in the preamble: this is the case of Huawei, but also of Samsung which, last October, was fined $ 13.4 million for cheating on the Galaxy S4 benchmarks.

Source: Anandtech

Costa Cruises sued, passenger says he did not warn customers of risks


A former Costa Cruises passenger filed a class action lawsuit against the cruise line, claiming that he had not warned customers of someone on a previous trip who had disembarked after showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Paul Turner was aboard the most recent voyage of the Costa Luminosa, who left Florida on March 5 for a 20-day cruise scheduled to end in Italy.

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Several weeks later, during a stopover in France, authorities determined that at least 36 passengers had contracted COVID-19, reported Reuters.

Australian passengers were among those Costa Luminosa who found himself trapped in Italy and forced to isolate himself when the ship docked there.

Fox News reports Mr. Turner’s trial alleges that Costa Cruises made an “intentional decision” to proceed with the March 5 cruise when he knew that a passenger on a previous trip “had Coronavirus symptoms, “according to the lawsuit, which was filed with the US District Court in Florida.

The complaint further alleges that the company intentionally attempted to “hide” this information from passengers on the March 5 cruise.

“In doing so, Costa subjected more than 2,000 passengers to the highly contagious coronavirus, and exposed the passengers to a real risk of physical injury and immediate death,” he added.

the Costa Luminosa left Fort Lauderdale on March 5, but landed its first two passengers, an elderly couple, in Puerto Rico when the ship first called on March 8, Reuters reported. They were hospitalized with possible symptoms of COVID-19, and later tested positive.

The Turner trial further claims that Costa Cruises also learned of a warning issued on March 8 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that American citizens should avoid traveling by cruise ship.

“Instead, they were dragged across the Atlantic in a time bomb against coronaviruses,” said the complaint.

The Governor of Puerto Rico confirmed that the elderly couple tested positive for COVID-19 on March 13, when Costa also learned that a passenger who had disembarked from the previous trip had also tested positive.

Mr. Turner’s trial alleges that Costa did not ask the passengers to isolate in their cabins until March 15. The ship, meanwhile, was denied ports until it was finally cleared to dock near Marseille, France, where the COVID-19 tests were administered.

“Simply put, Costa has recklessly and intentionally made thousands of passengers into a living nightmare in order to protect its results,” said the complaint.

Mr. Turner is claiming “all recoverable damages under the law” for himself and his fellow passengers, including punitive damages.

Mr. Turner’s trial comes when a crew member on board the Costa Favolosa died in a Florida hospital after contracting COVID-19, reports the Miami Herald.

At the end of March, the two Costa Favolosa and the Costa magica docked in Florida with dozens of crew members reporting symptoms of “flu-like” illness. The ships had already been hijacked from many ports.

A representative of Costa Cruises, who belongs to the Carnival Corporation, was not immediately available to comment on the trial.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced with permission

Coronavirus updates: U2 donates € 10 million to buy and buy PPE for front-line staff


Irish legends U2 are donating 10 million euros to help find and buy personal protective equipment (PPE) to help front-line workers.

The jackpot of medical supplies arrived at Dublin Airport this week after collaboration between a number of private and public companies.

Eleven days ago, the Irish aircraft rental company Avolon donated one of its planes to Director of health services.

On Tuesday, he delivered the large shipment, including 40 fans.

Medical ventilators in a hospital room

Emmet Moloney of Avolon told RTE: “This entire project was designed and executed in just ten days.” We want to support remarkable people on the front lines of our health services.

“Avolon is an Irish company.” We are proud and privileged to play our role in this area. “

Dr. Niall Mulvihill, a consultant cardiologist, added: “We are talking about 40 respirators, about 60,000 glasses, 20,000 face masks – which are the type of masks required in intensive care – also over a million disposable gloves , so it’s a significant amount of material. ”

“To the best of our knowledge, the quality has been guaranteed, but we will obviously have to check it on arrival.”

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Coronavirus Health Tips

The HSE said that many supply partners are working very hard to meet the needs in response to the current pandemic.

A spokesperson said: “Although the HSE cannot comment on an individual transaction, all products purchased are checked to ensure that they meet the highest international standards before being transported.

“Products received in our warehouse are inspected before being delivered to hospitals and nursing homes across the country.”

Coronavirus Ireland: breakdown by county when the number of cases has exceeded 6,000 and the areas are experiencing large jumps


Dublin remains by far the epicenter of coronavirus cases in Ireland with 3,268 cases in the capital alone.

Cork is still second on this list with 431 cases while Kildare is starting to see a surge and now has 233 cases.

This is according to HPSC data of 5,981 cases at midnight, Monday April 6.

Many counties are now seeing the number of cases in the triple digits as the trend of more than 300 new cases per day in the country continues.

Below is an overview of the number of cases by county until midnight Monday;

Latest coronavirus outage in Ireland

Distribution by county

Dublin – 3,268

Liège – 431

Kildare – 233

Meath – 183

Wicklow – 181

Limerick – 160

Tipperary – 137

Galway – 134

Westmeath – 134

Mayo – 130

Cavan – 129

Kerry – 122

Donegal – 120

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Coronavirus Ireland

Louth – 96

Kilkenny – 88

Offaly – 77

Clare – 66

Monaghan – 62

Waterford – 52

Laois – 34

Sligo – 28

Wexford – 24

Longford – 35

Roscommon – 22

Leitrim – 20

Carlow – 15

Latest news from Dr Tony Holohan

Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health, said; “Ireland continues to follow ECDC guidelines for testing, contact tracing and the implementation of community measures such as physical distance and cocooning. It is the most effective way we have to slow the spread of this virus and save lives.

“Our public health advice is constantly being reviewed and the National Public Health Emergency Team will meet again on Friday morning to review the impact of the measures underway.”

“Geber” response to the citizen saying “We are open” from Nail Noğay


Nail Noğay, Deputy Provincial Director of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, quoted a video interview for the coronavirus outbreak, and shared the tweet. “Geber” He replied.

Speaking in the video interview, the citizen said, “I am very victimized at the moment. This morning, it was a shame, I could not get my children to have breakfast, and this went to my hardship. We will die, but our children should not be hungry. “


The answer given by Nail Noğay, the Deputy Director of Istanbul Family and Social Policies, to the woman who explained that they were hungry, raised the social media.

Quoting the news, Noğay said to the woman who stated that she was starving with her children. “Geber” gave the answer.

Noğay, whose job description was “Nursery and Day Care Centers and Kids Clubs Unit”, deleted the tweet he posted on reactions from social media, but the screenshots of the sharing were shared by many again.

Also, a tweet with racist expressions of Nogai towards the Chinese “Bravo” It was understood that he gave support.

In another sharing, Noğay, Dr. at Ankara University. It is seen that he used the expressions of Ahmet Saltik as “brainless, who did not get his share from humanity” and “ignorant creature”.


Noğay’s previous posts also revealed that he shared posts about CHP and women.

Using the words “Exactly, his betrayal is treason,” for the CHP, Noğay shared that “Women are happy when they are families, not when they are free”.

Ian Wright and Alan Shearer rank among the best managers in the Premier League


Ian Wright and Alan shearer both agreed on the greatest Premier League manager of all time – despite their opinion different from that of Gary Lineker.

Former England internationals have been debating the best high-flying boss since the founding of the Premier League in 1992 for the Match of the Day: Top 10 podcast.

Wright had the chance to play as a pioneer Arsenal side under Arsene Wenger in the 90s, who shared many fiesty title battles with Sir Alex Ferguson’s dominant crop of Man Utd stars.

Shearer had also known United for the title, first successfully under the Blackburn team of Kenny Dalglish champion, before running out during his stay at Newcastle.

And the two experts believe that Ferguson should be considered the biggest manager in the Premier League for breaking a record 13 times.

Shearer and Wright have appointed Sir Alex Ferguson as the biggest manager
Shearer and Wright have appointed Sir Alex Ferguson as the biggest manager

Shearer said, “What was impressive about him was the way he continued to build his team when he knew this team was at its peak and had to start over.

“He was not afraid to get rid of the players – as soon as their time was up, they were out.

“He would adapt if he succeeded today. That’s what great managers do.”

Wright added: “Alex Ferguson knew he needed different people around him at different stages to refresh him and bring a new idea.

Klopp and Guardiola were both in the frame for review
Klopp and Guardiola were both in the frame for review

“Even when we look at the 2013 side – people say,” oh that’s the worst Manchester United team to win the league under Ferguson ‘- they could not have won this league with this team with another manager. ”

The top 10 contenders, including some standout names in league history, including Jose Mourinho, Rafa Benitez, Sir Bobby Robson, as well as current bosses Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola.

Naturally, the presenter Lineker offered a different point of view, choosing Claudio Ranieri as his number one for his work in the miracle triumph of Leicester in 2016.

Lineker believes Ranieri is the biggest boss for his role in the Leicester title victory
Lineker believes Ranieri is the biggest boss for his role in the Leicester title victory

“People ask me,” what is the best sporting moment of your life? “Lineker said.” And I say it’s not playing or even winning the FA Cup, it was actually when Leicester won the league. ”

Wright replied, “I remember when we were in the green room for the game of the day and you started crying, and I thought,” I’m not going to joke.

“I just looked at you and thought, ‘oh my gosh, Gary Lineker is crying’. I’ve never seen you be emotional.”

Shearer conceded that the “Tinkerman” had done a magnificent job in leading the Foxes to the title.

Wright congratulated Wenger for being ahead of his time
Wright congratulated Wenger for being ahead of his time

There were honorable mentions for Wenger, who, according to Wright, was “so far ahead of his time,” while Shearer praised “human management genius” Robson.

They also had a word about Mourinho, who they say is not the manager he once was.

“Jose’s record is just incredible,” said Shearer. “When he arrived, he had that arrogance that I think people liked and appreciated – he had an incredible belief in his abilities and rightly so.

Shearer and Wright think Mourinho is no longer the same manager he once was
Shearer and Wright think Mourinho is no longer the same manager he once was

“But it has changed slightly over the years.”

Wright added: “When I look at the Chelsea team, especially from his second term there, I believe it was the best football I have seen in many years, rivaling the “invincibles” of Arsenal.

“But you look at his time at Manchester United and it’s almost like a disappearance – he’s constantly moaning, it’s always someone else’s fault.

“He lost something.”

Here’s how they each ranked the top 10 bosses:

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Mirror the best football stories


  1. Sir Alex Ferguson
  2. Arsène Wenger
  3. Jose Mourinho
  4. Pep Guardiola
  5. Sir Kenny Dalglish
  6. Jurgen Klopp
  7. Claudio Ranieri
  8. Sir Bobby Robson
  9. Rafael Benitez
  10. Carlo Ancelotti


  1. Sir Alex Ferguson
  2. Arsène Wenger
  3. Jose Mourinho
  4. Pep Guardiola
  5. Sir Kenny Dalglish
  6. Jurgen Klopp
  7. Rafael Benitez
  8. Sir Bobby Robson
  9. Carlo Ancelotti
  10. Claudio Ranieri

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Prince Charles and Camilla’s sassy wedding gift from celebrity – despite ban


When Prince Charles and Camilla married 15 years ago, they made the unusual decision to ban wedding gifts.

It has been alleged that this “ rule ” was imposed because of the overwhelming number of unwanted gifts the prince received after his marriage to Princess Diana in 1981.

Among the items the couple received was a pair of pink and blue toothbrushes.

And they would have had no choice but to burn or give away some of the weirdest gifts.

Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, had previously revealed how some of the wedding gifts were delivered to royal servants.

So before Charles’ marriage on April 9, 2005 to a Camilla Parker Bowles of the day, he was anxious not to face the same conundrum.

About 800 guests were invited to the wedding reception

He ensured that a strict message was displayed on the invitations: “Wedding list: there will be no wedding list”.

Cameras and telephones were also prohibited.

Among the 800 guests were actress Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley, romantic novelist Jilly Cooper, actors Timothy West and Richard E Grant, presenter Jonathan Dimbleby and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s father William.

However, guest and beloved comic strip Joan Rivers – never the rebel – insisted that she send a wedding gift … sexy underwear to Camilla.

She joked that it was either that, or a trendy grill with a fries pan accessory.

Joan Rivers attends the presentation of Elie Tahari
Joan Rivers gave a cheeky gift to Camilla

The American actress said that Camilla “laughed” when she said she wanted to throw him a shower of lingerie.

She said at the time, “She thought it was hilarious and said,” Well, send things “.”

Joan, who met the couple at charity events, also admitted that she liked Camilla very much.

She revealed in 2005: “She is a very earthy and funny woman – you can swear to her.”

Joan, who died in 2014 at 81, added: “The British will love him once they get to know him.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland), marking their 15th wedding anniversary

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s civil ceremony was held at Windsor Guildhall at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday April 9, and was followed by an official blessing and wedding reception at Windsor Castle.

Camilla almost didn’t attend the reception after she almost passed out after the service.

Buckingham Palace had previously announced that the Queen and Prince Philip would not attend the ceremony, but would attend the church blessing and organize the reception afterwards.

The reason invoked by the palace was that the couple wanted to keep the occasion discreet.

The newlyweds beamed with joy

The couple spent their honeymoon in their beloved Birkhall refuge, which is nestled in a picturesque valley on the Queen’s private estate.

After tying the knot, the Duchess admitted to the Mirror: “At one point, I didn’t think we were going to succeed. It was a wonderful day. “

Although proud Charles said, “I’m so lucky – it’s very special.”

The couple are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today and marking the occasion with a touching new self-portrait at Birkhall, holding Camilla’s beloved companion dogs.

Prince Harry, Prince William, Laura and Tom Parker Bowles, in the white drawing room of Windsor Castle after the wedding of Charles and Camilla

Charles and Camilla were reunited Monday after the 72-year-old Duchess came out of a 14-day isolation on the Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire.

Royal couple go through worrisome period after prince fell ill coronavirus, but heir to the throne Charles, 71, recovered after having mild symptoms.

The photo taken Wednesday morning – the day before their birthday – shows the smiling prince and duchess sitting side by side on the porch of their Scottish retreat, with Jack Russell terriers Bluebell and Beth.

Camilla wore a Robinson Valentine silk dress

It is the first time that the couple, known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, have been photographed together since the announcement of Covid-19 disease.

Camilla, dressed in blue jeans, a pink open-necked shirt, a pale blue sweater and navy blue suede boots, holds Bluebell on her lap, while the prince, in a blue open-necked shirt, navy blue jacket, olive green pants and fawn suede moccasins, has a seemingly alert Beth in her arms.

The two dogs were rescued by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, of which Camilla is the royal patron.

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The Royal family

The Duchess has written about Beth and Bluebell in the past: “They are family members, loyal friends and companions and, like any other dog enthusiast, I cannot imagine life without them.”

The prince has a cast in one of his middle fingers, but Clarence House declined to comment on why. The photo was taken by a staff member.

All private celebrations for their decade-and-a-half marriage – their crystal anniversary – will be discreet because the couple distance themselves socially from their friends and family like the rest of the country.

with nearly 2,000 deaths in 24 hours, the health crisis worsens in the United States


A Californian woman was arrested for licking $ 1,800 worth of food and other goods from a supermarket, police said on Wednesday.

The police were called by a store in South Lake Tahoe, on the border with Nevada, because “a customer was licking food products” amidst a coronavirus pandemic, local police spokesman Chris Fiore told AFP. By the time they got there, the woman had adorned herself with jewelry sold by the store and had also licked it.

Fiore said the suspect, Jennifer Walker, 53, had filled her cart with a variety of products, including meat and alcohol, which she could not afford. She was placed in police custody for vandalism, the licked goods having to be destroyed for fear of contamination.