Status: 01.08.2020 00:27

Together with his brother, he detonated two explosive devices at the 2015 Boston Marathon. Now a United States Court of Appeals has overturned the death sentence against Zarnayev, pending life imprisonment.

A United States court of appeals overturned the death sentence against Boston murderer Jochar Zarnajew. The judges canceled the 2015 decision and ordered a new sanctioning decision.

However, Zarnajew faces at least life imprisonment. Jochar Zarnajew will spend his remaining days in prison, the court said. “The only question is whether he will die from the execution.”

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The three judges published their decision more than six months after the hearings on the case. The attorneys are of the opinion that the court did not assure in the trial that the jury was actually impartial on Zarnayev. Zarnajew’s lawyers argued that intense media coverage made a fair trial impossible. They also referred to statements by two jurors on social media that suggested having a clear opinion on the case before the trial started in 2015.

According to the AP news agency, Zarnayev’s lawyers said one of the two jurors posted two dozen comments on Twitter after the attack. In a tweet after Zarnaev’s arrest, he described the suspect as a “piece of garbage”.


In April 2013, Zarnajew, together with his brother Tamerlan, who was killed shortly afterwards, detonated two explosive devices at the end of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 260. Zarnajew has confessed to the crime and is now in a maximum security prison.

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