Bread instead of rice in 259 schools in Gwangju and Jennam due to a school strike

Gwangju strike participation rate 20.9%, Jeonnam 89.66%… Some disruption in care classes

Due to the general strike of the National Union of Irregular School Workers, 259 schools in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province went into substitute school meals.

According to the Gwangju and Jeonnam City Provincial Offices of Education on the 25th, 902 out of 4,303 union members (20.9%) in Gwangju and 866 out of 8,961 (9.66%) in Jeonnam participated in the strike event held in Seoul that was made.

These are cafeteria students and care workers, and school lunches are disrupted as they strike.

The education authorities decided to implement alternative meals and reduce classes to prevent disrupting the operation of the education site.

In Gwangju, 128 out of 254 schools replace school meals with bread, milk, and lunch boxes.

Out of 128 schools, 122 schools will be replaced with bread, milk, lunch boxes, etc., 2 schools will have shorter classes, and 4 schools will be closed at discretion.

For care, 40 out of 292 classrooms (13.7%) are not operated, and the remaining 252 classrooms are operated in an integrated approach.

In Jeollanam-do, 131 out of 877 schools provide alternative meals.

98 schools provided bread and milk, 2 schools brought packed lunches, 20 schools adjusted academic timetables, and 11 schools provided convenient meals.

Of the 627 classrooms, 154 classrooms are not operated.

After school kindergartens and special schools in Gwangju and Jennam will operate as normal.

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