Briefing on the results of the trip and ‘in writing’… President Yoon, should I go into the office on my way to work?

President Yoon Seok-yeol returned to Korea on the evening of the 24th after a five-day, seven-day trip. However, it feels like there are more big and small controversies than the bundle of achievements. The scope of the president’s movements has also been greatly narrowed. Let’s call a reporter from the presidential office.

Reporter Choi Woon, how was the atmosphere in the presidential office on the first day after returning home?

Today, the presidential office issued two press releases, reactions to North Korea’s short-range ballistic missile launch and the results of the mission.

The results of the trip were distributed in writing, approximately 3 pages of A4 paper.

It is a different atmosphere to the fact that Kim Tae-hyo, the first deputy director of the National Security Office, personally gave a briefing on major achievements at the end of the NATO summit three months ago.

The flight meeting on the way home was also skipped this time, and when Air Force Unit 1 landed at Seoul Airport, President Yoon unexpectedly came to the reporter’s seat and exchanged only light greetings.

How does the presidential office self-evaluate the trip?

First, he announced his foreign policy based on ‘freedom and solidarity’ to the international community and praised himself for coordinating issues with the leaders of major Western countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, and Canada.

It is said that the United States and the United States have confirmed their will to cooperate with the inflation reduction and financial stabilization law, and have prepared a turning point for improving relations with Japan.

Sales diplomacy has also begun in earnest, including attracting investments of $1.15 billion and about KRW 1.6 trillion of Korean currency from seven global companies.

High-ranking officials in the presidential office expressed regret that although the achievements mentioned above were clearly against the appraisal, everything was buried as the trip started with a sympathy debate and ended with a profanity debate.

In a situation where everything is buried like that, shouldn’t President Yoon come forward and sort it out?

Yes, the consequences of summit diplomacy, whether public or excessive, will inevitably come down to the president.

Initially, the presidential office expected to increase the approval rating for affairs of state based on the results of the trip and gain strength from internal affairs.

However, it is true that President Yoon himself caused controversy, and his advisers’ preparations and responses, such as diplomatic publicity and security, were not elaborate.

Only President Yoon’s honest statement of his position through questions and answers on the way to work tomorrow will be the turning point for the reversal.

(Video commentary: Joo Beom and Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Won-hee Won)

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