British Coronavirus Live: Covid Test Demand Exceeds Capacity, MEPs Said | Policy

Lord Bethell, the health minister in charge of testing and tracing, is now joining the hearing.

Clark asks him about the app. Bethell says she has the app on her phone and it’s really impressive. He’s using it, he says.

He says companies are experimenting with it.

Q: What are the main features of the app?

Simon Thompson, CEO of the NHS Covid-19 app, responds.

He says it has a capability called alert. It will tell people what is happening in their area.

And there’s a feature called check-in. Using QR codes, the app can connect with people who have been to particular places.

There is a symptom checker, which tells people if they need to get tested.

And there’s a complementary function, which tells people how long they need to isolate themselves.

The app is also a contact tracking app. It will monitor how close you are to people. If someone you’ve been close to tests positive, you’ll get a warning.

Q: If you are told to isolate yourself, is it mandatory to follow the advice?

Bethell he says this was not required by law.

Q: What is the proximity threshold – within 2 meters of someone for at least 15 minutes?

That’s right, says Thompson.

Q: And do you know if there was a perspex screen between you and the other person?

Thompson says people are advised to disable contact search in three circumstances: you may be wearing PPE, you may be protected by a screen, or you may have left your phone in a locker.


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