Buakaew tours the Queen Sirikit Centre. Thailand is ready to host almost 100% of the APEC meeting

Buakaew tours the Queen Sirikit Centre. Thailand is ready to host almost 100% of the APEC meeting

On October 4, at the Queen Sirikit National Conference Centre, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs A briefing session was held on the arrangement of the media center and other facilities. to the media for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW) press conference, which will be held from 14-19 November at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. By inviting representatives from all 20 APEC economic zones, including Thai and foreign media, to attend the briefing. Along with a walk to see the area that will be used as a meeting place for the two leaders, which on the actual day of the meeting will not allow reporters to walk into the area for security reasons

Although the area used as a news center in the basement will cover an area of ​​22,750 square meters, the area will be established as a working area for Thai and foreign media. A central location for stills and video from Host Broadcaster, a media consumption location. A point for setting up a live camera or hosting a media show. Press rooms of both sizes, with a large room for 250 people and two smaller press rooms with a capacity of 100 people, as well as exhibition stands for various companies. who is the PR partner for hosting APEC in Thailand This is consistent with the main theme of this year’s APEC meeting in Thailand. “Open up. Contact Balance.” and showcase innovations. That fit the BCG economy model. or the economic life of a circular economy and the green economy that Thailand presented at the APEC meeting as well There is also a Thai massage point for journalists in the news center area.

Mr Thani Saengrat, Director General of the Department of Information and spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that can now be considered in terms of structural arrangements For the APEC leaders meeting this November in Thailand it is almost 100% complete. The news center is now considered ready for everything. Just to come and decorate the place according to the proposed plan. APEC leaders are expected to attend 2,000-3,000 reporters from around the world this week, while another 2,000-3,000 delegations from the 21 economies are expected to attend.

said Mr. In essence, three senior APEC staff meetings have been held in the past, focusing on content consistent with the main theme. “Opening up, building relationships, connecting with balance” sustains Thailand From facilitating investment through the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (FTAAP), facilitating connectivity and travel. By sharing information to facilitate travel between APEC member economies. and create a sustainable balance under the BCG Thailand economic model which is various APEC economic zones I support In addition, the APEC stage that Thailand will host later this year. it can also be a platform for different countries In the world, let’s talk about different problems. important from the world too

Mr Thani said that Mr Don Pramudwinai, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, convened a meeting within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 3 October to listen to the progress of the preparations in all areas, whether in terms of catering formalities, travel, security, logistics, public relations and news centres, while on October 7 there will be another meeting on the essence and issues of the BCG economic model, etc. to prepare first. of the Kingdom of Thailand, in recognition of the progress of the APEC Leaders Meeting on October 10

The reporter asked how many economic zone leaders were accepting to attend the meeting in Thailand now. said Mr Now, it has been officially notified that many economic zones such as Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, while many other economic zones have already notified that they will come to the meeting. but for the safety of the leaders Therefore, we will not publish any confirmation notices.

When asked if the leaders of China and Russia had accepted their participation Mr. In the case of Chinese President Xi Jinping, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Don that If not stuck in other missions President Xi will come to APEC meeting in Thailand. Although the Russian leader is still in the coordination. However, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern informed the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations While attending the General Assembly of the United Nations that you will definitely come to the APEC meeting in Bangkok. Just as Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines said that the Philippine ambassador would also be present for the meeting. for many leaders The economic zone is still in the process of coordination.

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