Buildin is preparing to release the song “Pluem Phee Thong”

Buildin is preparing to release the song “Pluem Phee Thong”

Becoming a hot young man The flow of work never stops. for young singers and actors Bukin Puttipong Assaratanakul who came to attend the launch of the presenter of the alternative plant protein drink “Plante” in Siam Square, after the end of the event, he gave an interview about his golden years that the function of the job was very successful

Our golden years? “I think this year has changed a lot. They both want to come out and take care of yourself. The fact that we started working and did it with a lot of joy is that we felt in the last year that it has come so quickly that we did not think we would have the opportunity to be successful so quickly. But this year we are glad that we have the opportunity to work. I still get opportunities.”

Does coming out and looking after ourselves make us present ourselves better? “Part of what kind of work But on the other hand, it’s even more tiring because we haven’t had experienced elders to help us in parts that we might not have done ourselves before. When we came out on our own, we were more tired. Today, I still go to ask for help from the previous elders who had given us a chance.”

Is it that hard? “It is difficult and it is tiring. We are happy because, as I said, I have had a lot of help from the brothers who live in Nadao. We also consulted him. Or anything that he can help us, it also helps to think of us all the time, including all the brothers who rotated during the way we worked for a few years. Everyone is kind and helpful. Well, if you you think you can’t do it yourself, of course, there are many brothers and sisters who have reached out to help.”

Recently, there is a list to go up to the stage of the Asia Artist Awards? “I went to the event. I’m glad he invited me. Well, we are very glad that Peck Palitchoke has come to the show as well. Glad he saw Thai artists. See our way of working I have the opportunity to meet many top artists, when COVID-19 starts to fade, I think travel and work become more open. go abroad too Since the situation improved, we had more fun working. As an event, it’s fun to meet people.”

Where are you going to work abroad? “There are many contacts who invite us to join the event, invite them to the show. Actually, a lot of things that they contacted want us to go. There are many shows. But there is none that we can confirm or that is certain. But emails keep coming in.”

Abroad, he contacted us? “There are some. contact by email through some other people.”

Missed the show? “I miss you so much. I’m waiting and I hope to get good news. For example, during this period we focus on music, we have fun, enjoy, have more freedom. The more you do, the more you want to go deeper. want to do something new Another part of the show we enjoyed very much. And we have done it very satisfied with myself I really want to go back to work in this part.”

Favorite round? “Oh, it’s a lot of things. I think there are some jobs we’d like to work with. Sometimes it doesn’t stop. Finally, get to the end where others get it. Some jobs contact us, if we feel it is not suitable for us, we will reject it. That is, he has no job to record. But most of them are in Thailand who have contacted me. “

In order to have a project it is necessary to be involved early in the decision-making process? “He did not participate in the beginning. We felt we wanted to work with people who saw us as the people who were actually at the event. If someone contacted me, he would speak to us directly. that this chapter wants to be accepted quickly as a hot job

We don’t feel rushed. We feel like really wanting to play. or that he really wants to work with us Work is something that requires a lot of physical effort. The team that works together is important in the corner that we have to work together for a long time. We have to trust each other a lot. until we find someone who is comfortable we trust him And he trusted us too.”

Is the international market open enough for us? “To be honest, there is a lot to think about, both in the music production and in the acting part. If something good happens Coming up, we felt it was challenging. We enjoyed doing it and we really wanted to do it. As I’ve said in the past, maybe there isn’t a job that feels like it fits, it’s okay, it’s all locked in, it must be a little bit wrong. in. In the end, I use our feelings and who we are.”

Which episode do we really want to play? “There are many chapters that are not very far from themselves. I still want to try to play a role that has to change roles. Change the container feel we have measured Go down and make the most of the show. Or a role that is in yourself in a new angle, I want to try.”

Will it be music or drama next year? “Next year, the music will be pretty tight too. But the show is expected to be next year. Right now, there is no chapter that I want to tell everyone. “

Will our songs be released again? “I think it’s coming soon. I don’t sleep. I release it often. When I’m having fun lately, I do big things. It’s still a song soul we are still like this.”

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