Bum Panadda remembers the image of Miss Thailand 22 years ago. There is one thing that has hardly changed.

22 years passed quickly. Baby MC Bum Panadda Let’s go back to the time when entering the Miss Thailand pageant. Compare the current Revealed to this day received love from the fans. It is a precious thing in life that is beautiful and unchanging.

By Bum Panadda has posted photos from when she was a contestant for Miss Thailand. compared to the current picture Ready to write a caption that says

“22 years ago…..from the days when I was just a competitor. to this day Having many things in life, be it life experience. knowledge, willingness to study until the end of Dr., having met many people Being able to go through the crisis with everyone and being able to receive love and kindness from so many people who understand and open their hearts to Bum, the things this is very valuable to Bum. I love you all.”

It’s called how much time has passed But beauty Bum has barely changed And it’s no different from 22 years ago.

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