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Lougee customer service managers, Lori Regan, Christine Lougee Smith, Nancy Davidson and Lisa Stack, are ready to answer the call.

Provide a brief description of your business.

Lougee Insurance is a full-service personal injury insurance company that provides protection for families and businesses in Duxbury and the neighboring communities of South Shore.

How long have you been in business?

Ted Lougee opened the agency in 1967.

What changes have you made due to the current situation?

Account managers brought their desktop computers home and remotely configured. An app has been added to each of their cell phones with access to the agency’s phone system and can be reached directly by customers. If someone calls the main line and does not know an extension, the phone is picked up on the spot by an employee and transferred.

How do you manage to serve customers during the current situation?

One hundred percent business as usual. We have not yet encountered any part of our customer service that we are unable to perform. It was a challenge to think outside the box and test creativity. I think we will have learned something positive from this when we return to our desks.

How can people reach you now?

Our telephone, e-mail and fax system are all active. There is a person in the office who fetches mail daily from the post office and our on-site mail slot, as well as faxes. The documents are scanned to the appropriate account managers who work remotely. The mail also leaves the office every day.

Do you have an example of how you have been supported by the Duxbury community during this period?

I think everyone is trying to be respectful, patient and courteous to each other. We all want to see everyone overcome these difficult times. Our customers have supported us a lot and we are very grateful. We are all trying to support local businesses in the best possible way and we sincerely wish everyone safety and good health.

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