Buy a second hand house with GH Bank, get the right house, the right location, at a price that is not out of reach.

Second hand homes, another worthy option Meeting the needs of people looking for a good quality home in a favorable location with a budget friendly price in their pockets. Allows you to relax comfortably. Ready to serve great promotions throughout the year.

A second-hand house is an option worth considering for those looking to buy a house in a good location. in a budget that is not too high In addition to buying and selling, negotiate directly with the owner of the house. or contact through estate agents There are many others that are popular to buy. “Foreclosed property (Non-Performing Asset : NPA)” or the bank’s mortgage assets Because they are reliable and confident in quality. In addition, the buyer also receives the convenience of booking a property. including the preparation of various contract documents

So which bank’s APC property to buy? Who thinks of this? recommended to have a look at “Banc Tai r Goverder (GHB)” first. As Bank of Thailand is the home bank of Thai people So collecting many good quality APC assets for those who are interested in getting a house to keep. And worth more than anywhere, let’s try to follow that. What are the benefits of buying APC assets from the Bank of Thailand?

5 advantages of buying Bank of Thailand APC assets

Second hand homes

1. Cheaper than houses bought and sold in the market

Compared to direct housing that has the same area or is in the same neighbourhood. Second hand homes are already priced lower than new homes. And the larger the NPA property that has been released from the bank mortgage. It will be more affordable than second-hand houses that are generally for sale. to make it easier for people to buy Because the bank wants to get rid of those assets as soon as possible.

Or if the Bank of Thailand brings our dream homes to organize promotions during special occasions such as online auctions. Online house fairs, Money Expos, etc., will have the opportunity to buy that house at a lower price than usual.

2. There are many houses to choose from. have a favorable location

There are tens of thousands of APC assets to choose from. There are single detached houses, twin houses, townhouses, condominiums, commercial buildings, land, etc., across the state. and because these assets are used as collateral for loans It means that we have passed the bank’s collateral assessment criteria that it is a good quality property in a great location, so we can find second hand houses easily affordable in the city or near the city, easy to travel. A good one like this would cost twice as much.

3. Applying for a home loan is easier and receives a special interest rate

After buying APC assets from the Bank of Thailand, you can apply for a used home loan from the bank to finish in one place. They are also eligible to receive special interest rates for bank APC buyers only. Allows you to pay comfortably for up to 40 years. In addition, at certain times, the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative can organize promotions for free fees such as legal contracts, mortgage payments, in accordance with the conditions set by the bank. It’s a safe way to save money in your pocket again.

4. Pay home installments online.

Second hand homes

Anyone who bought a second-hand house and applied for a home loan from the Bank of Thailand has passed successfully. When it comes time to pay off the loan, you don’t have to go to a bank branch every time. because we can conveniently pay the installment payment in 3 ways:

  • Pay online via the QR Code : By scanning the QR Code to pay for a home online on the website or in LINE Official GH Bank, then scan and pay through various bank applications.
  • Pay online via GHB ALL application: Press the loan payment button, fill in the information and follow the steps. Now you can easily pay for your home through the GHB ALL application.
  • Payment through an agent: Bring your GHB Payment Card or barcode receipt. Payment can be made through different channels:
    • counter service
    • Cenpay
    • mpay station
    • [email protected]
    • A big C
    • lotus
    • BAAC
    • True Money Express

5. Suitable to buy for investment or rent.

As you can see, GH Bank second hand home is well placed. affordable In addition, applying for a home loan directly with the Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operative Bank will also receive a special interest rate. or various promotions that make the cost price even lower Satisfy the needs of people who want to invest both bought and rented Or bring it to renew, add, repair some parts to resell at a higher price. It is one of the most profitable ways for people interested in real estate.

After seeing the benefits of buying APC assets from the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives in this way, the search for a second-hand home of your dreams began on your own through the following 4 channels.

4 channels for searching and buying second-hand houses

1. GHB Home Center website

Second hand homes

Second hand home web of people online who can search for real estate in detail. You can search by property code, village name, state, area, sub-region, property type, area size or price range, helping to find a home that meets your needs more easily. And there are also special promotional properties for you to choose from. You can search and view the properties constantly

2. APC Smart Bank GH Mobile Application

Second hand homes

Finding homes, condos and other used properties is easily at your fingertips. If you like it, you can submit a request to view the property and reserve the property through the request easily. and can also participate in the online auction of second-hand houses that GH Bank brings second-hand houses to organize monthly special campaigns

3. Facebook fan page, used houses, GH Bank

Second hand homes

If you don’t want to miss out on good second hand house campaigns, Bank GH, you must follow the Facebook fan page of second hand houses, Bank GH Get ready to open CF to know before anyone else throughout the year. Or if you have any questions, you can chat for information about second hand houses on this Facebook page.

4. @ghbnpa Official Account Line

Second hand homes

Another channel that facilitates access to various services related to GHB second-hand homes more easily than before, just add Line @GHB APC and you can search for second-hand houses. and shine interesting promotions including chatting for information from bank staff without having to go to the branch

With the current economic climate, many families are having to tighten their belts and limit their budgets for buying a home. Therefore, look for a second-hand house or condominium that has a lower price than a new home. and also have a favorable location It would be a solution that will help us not to give up the dream of having our own home, which the Bank of Thailand is ready to service APC assets of good quality and fully great promotions throughout the year. You can choose to watch and follow the news about second-hand houses from the Bank of Thailand from different channels.

For more information Inbox:
GH Bank Call Center Tel 0-2645-9000 press 5
APC Administrative Telephone 0-2202-1582-3 and 0-2202-1016
Regional Debt Management Department Telephone 0-2202-1170 and 0-2202-2036

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