Callejon scores the Spaniard’s “strange” gesture against SPAL. The wife’s message arrives

Jos Maria Callejon against SPAL has found his third goal in this league. The Spaniard cheered for his signature.

Josè Maria Callejon he was one of the best in the field against SPAL. The Spaniard, who decided to remain in the blue until August 31, 2020, also found the goal in the match against the Emilians. After the goal he cheered by placing his right hand under his chin. A “strange” gesture that not everyone initially understood. The explanation seems to come from a message from the wife: “Head always high!”, just what Josè wanted to indicate with his gesture.

Callejon chose to stay until August 31 without any additional compensation, he asked the blue company only for insurance coverage in case of accidents. The Spaniard has chosen not to leave with the season still going on, his would have been a sad and unfair farewell. Many blue fans still hope that in the end the player can stay well beyond the end of August, but it seems very difficult.

Here is the image of the post of the Spaniard’s wife:

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