‘Cambodia’ shows off new stadium to prepare for SEA Games – SAT raises team to survey readiness

Not just big! Cambodia shows off magnificent ‘Techo Heritage’, draining 60,000 people in 7 minutes

‘Cambodia’ shows off new stadium to prepare for SEA Games – SAT raises team to survey readiness

Cambodia opens Techo Heritage National Stadium showing splendor Revealed to be able to drain over 60,000 spectators in the stadium within 7 minutes, ready for all SEA Games next year

On October 3, 2022, at the Techo Heritage National Stadium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), together with Mr Prachum Boonthiam, Deputy Governor of the SAT Excellence in Sports and Sports Science Division and Mrs Prasad Samanmit, Deputy Governor of SATs, Strategy and Information Technology Department Leading the Thailand media team Check is Techo Heritage Stadium ready Which is one of the stadiums that Cambodia will use to host the 32nd SEA Games from 5-17 May 2023 with On Saraden, Representative Director of Cambodia National Stadium, Heritage Techo.

Dr. Kongsak said this time thanks to Cambodia. who hosted the Sports Faculty of Thailand (SAT) Let’s get information about Techo Heritage National Stadium. which is the new national stadium of Cambodia excited and feel the grandeur and splendor of this field who knows that this field Get help with construction funds. and various engineering systems from China All use very modern technology. Besides the modern It also perfectly blends Cambodian culture and traditions.

“Many things we can use to improve Thai sports stadiums. admittedly before the Rajamangala Stadium Many bosses used to be great in ASEAN. But at present, it must be admitted that Many stadiums in ASEAN have developed a lot. Cambodia is one of them. and is believed to be the most modern in ASEAN for the security system That can drain 60,000 people out of the stadium within 7 minutes through the door with more than 50 locations, including various systems that are convenient, so it this stadium is not only good for the size. but also an excellent international standard.”

On Saraden, the Representative Director of the Cambodia National Stadium, Heritage Techo, said that he is very excited that Cambodia will host the SEA Games for the first time in its history. Cambodians have been waiting for this moment for a long time. And now that our National Stadium is one hundred percent ready to welcome everyone’s visit, we expect people coming to Cambodia next year to be smiling and happy. Upcoming sporting events Cambodia will do its best .

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