Can control semiconductors … control the world (end)

China has also created mechanisms to facilitate foreign graduates and personnel in these fields. Easier to work in China Similar to the green card system in the United States. and Western nations use it too.

Good earnings are another factor that makes Chinese children more interested in studying in this field. From statistics, it was found that Graduates in this field earn an average of about 350,000 yuan per year, 10 times higher than China’s average per capita income and an average increase of 8-10% per year. microelectronics and computer science from Chinese educational institutions have been steadily increasing their salaries.

moreover Graduates of high quality educational institutions receive financial and other offers. More interestingly, for example, pre-tax income is up to 500,000 yuan per year, and there may be an option to buy the company’s shares. Some people may receive offers from IT giants like Huawei with an offer of up to 2 million yuan per year.

A master’s or graduate degree from a leading Chinese educational institution known for 985 and 211 university program listings is also often used by 4-5 companies in the industry. “Save order” since he hadn’t even graduated

In addition, in recent years Players in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry, such as SMIC, have also invested in large numbers of personnel from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Especially from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, Ltd (TSMC), the world’s number one chip manufacturer.

People in the industry said that This is based on salaries that are two or three times higher and the provision of facilities for the families of those engineers such as accommodation and international schools for their children. Thousands of personnel in this field have migrated to work in mainland China.

It turns out that today symptoms “Brain drain” which mainland China has been experiencing is recovering better. Plus, you don’t have to waste time adjusting to minimize problems. “cultural panic” Also, this work may give Western nations a deeper understanding of the phrase “Blood is thicker than water.”

looking out to the future If China solves the problem of shortage of personnel in terms of quantity and quality the opportunity for China to develop into a leader and “control” of the semiconductor industry is not within reach. We must continue to encourage each other. Will this become an important factor that makes China step up to “dominate the world”? …

About the author: Dr. Paichit Wiboonthanasarn, Vice President and Secretary General of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China, Vice President and Secretary General of the Thai-Chinese Investment and Trade Association Experts who have accumulated knowledge and experience in the Chinese market aim to bring knowledge and perspective. opinions about China’s economic, business, marketing and other movements are exchanged with readers. lest we fall out of the “High-speed railway” march of China’s economic and social development

Page 4 Economic Foundation No. 3,821 Date 25 – 28 September 2022

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