Can Ukraine regain the Krum Peninsula lost to Russia in 2014?

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Some have argued that Ukraine could regain the Krum Peninsula, which was lost to Russia in 2014. This means that if Ukraine recovers the occupied territories at the current rate, it will be possible.

According to the British Daily Telegraph on the 5th (local time), a high-ranking US military official said in an interview, “It is now clear that Ukraine has reoccupied the Krm Peninsula, and it is not possible ignore that possibility any longer. ” “It is clear that Russia no longer has the ability or the will to defend this stronghold,” he said.

Kherson is a strategic point through which Russia must pass when it wants to connect the Krm Peninsula with the mainland. Russia showed affection to such an extent that it occupied the area early after the invasion of Ukraine.

If Ukraine regains the Krm Peninsula, which it lost in 2014, its borders will be wider than they were before the war started in February this year. Meanwhile, the West, including the United States, predicted that Russia would fiercely defend the Krum Peninsula, a strategic strategic point in the Black Sea, making it almost impossible to recover the Krum Peninsula.

However, as Ukrainian forces rejoin eastern Luhansk and reclaim the occupied territories one by one, expectations for the recapture of the Krum Peninsula are slowly increasing. In this regard, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper said the other day, reiterating the US position that the Krm Peninsula is Ukrainian territory, that Ukraine could use the US-backed High Speed ​​Mobile Artillery Rocket System States (HIMARS) to attack the Krm Peninsula.

The Russian Kremlin responded, saying, “This move by the United States is very dangerous, and it is evidence that the United States has directly intervened in the war.”

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