Candidate party leader Omtzigt scores best with voters Inland

Member of Parliament Omtzigt will compete for the party leadership with Deputy Prime Minister Hugo de Jonge, State Secretary Mona Keijzer and fellow Member of Parliament Martijn van Helvert. In the poll of the voters, 16 percent said they chose Omtzigt, compared to 13 percent for De Jonge.

According to De Hond, this is mainly because Omtzigt also attracts voters from FVD, PVV and SP and De Jonge does not. The other two candidate candidates are lower. Keijzer is 2 percent lower than De Jonge with 11 percent and Van Helvert gets 8 percent.

The Young

Among those who now indicate to vote for CDA, De Jonge is doing slightly better. A total of 87 percent of the constituency opts for the Minister of Health, for Omtzigt 85 percent. Keijzer and Van Helvert have to make do with 71 and 62 percent respectively.

The attention around the nomination and election of the party leader is doing the CDA electoral good, according to De Hond. Last week, the party already increased 2 seats and 1 more was added. The 19 seats is the highest forecast since the 2017 national elections and is equal to the current number of parliament seats.

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