Canton of Vaud – The EolJorat-Nord project hampered by a 10-year moratorium

Until the end of 2030, there will be no construction of wind turbines over 50 meters high in Froideville. The wind farm of EolJorat finds itself strongly compromised.

The Froideville Municipal Council (VD) adopted a motion last Tuesday which forced the Municipality to prohibit until the end of 2030 the construction of any wind turbine over 50 meters high. The text also requires it to oppose any erection of masts on the territories of neighboring municipalities and which could have an impact on the village.

This motion was prepared by a committee of the Municipal Council. It was accepted by a large majority of 27 yes against 4 no and a certain number of abstentions, said municipal councilor Cédric von Rohr at Keystone-ATS, returning to an information published on Monday by “Free Vaud Landscape” Monday.

“Green proposals have to make sense. Wind power costs four to five times more than other means of producing electricity, “said the municipal councilor. “There are a lot of things to do before, much more efficient and less costly. If solar panels were installed on all the roofs of the village, their performance would be equivalent to that of three wind turbines, ”he illustrates.

Strongly compromised

In parallel, the authors of the motion propose to create and maintain for this same period, ie until the end of 2030, a thematic committee of the Municipal Council. Its objective: to monitor and promote the sustainable development of the town and in particular renewable energies, while possibly allocating a line of credit to the annual budget.

The EolJorat wind farm is therefore highly compromised. With only three out of four wind turbines, it is unlikely to reach the minimum production of 20 GW / h per year required by the Confederation. Especially since apart from Poliez-Pittet, the other municipalities do not seem particularly motivated by Alpiq’s poorly crafted project, underlines “Free Vaud Landscape” in its press release.

8,100 households

The EolJorat Nord wind farm plans to install four blades in the border areas of the municipalities of Corcelles-le-Jorat, Froideville, Jorat-Menthue and Poliez-Pittet. Production was to be between 25 and 32 million kWh per year, the equivalent of the electricity consumption of around 8,100 households. It is one of the projects selected by the canton of Vaud in its cantonal master plan.

For its part, the EolJorat Sud project, which includes eight wind turbines in the Chalet-à-Gobet sector, is currently the subject of an appeal to the Federal Court.

(ats / nxp)

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