Case of threatening Madhu’s mother: Accused gets conditional bail |

Mannarkkad: Madhu’s mother threatened in Attappadi Madhu Mannarkkad murder case SC ST Court Grants Bail to Thiya Prati Abbas. Do not enter Attapadi taluk until the case is settled, every Saturday Must be present and signed before the Investigating Officer, Madhu Casey Do not threaten the witnesses or relatives of Madhu is the means.

Should he withdraw from the case related to Madhu’s murder? And accused Abbas arrested in case of threatening Malli’s mother to dissolve. He had approached the Supreme Court on the last day for bail. Explaining that the case had been proved, the court granted anticipatory bail and it was estimated that there had been no death. Earlier Palakkad Sessions Court, Mannarkkad List Caste List The petition was rejected by the Special Court and the High Court and there was a box.

Mannarkkad SSC ST specifically for bail again last day Ka went to the court and filed a petition. The court considered this plea and ordered Abbas to be arrested on Saturday, given by Myam.

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