Coronavirus: the assessment revised upwards in China, more than 140,000 deaths worldwide

8:31 am: Are children really less affected by the coronavirus? Emmanuel Macron announced the gradual reopening of schools from May 11. This decision questions the French on the risk of high contagions, while the youngest sometimes find it difficult to respect the barrier measures. Medical authorities said at the start of the pandemic that younger […]

The anguish of Diego Topa, stranded in Miami with his newborn daughter: “We don’t have the papers to return”

Three months ago, Diego Topa he lived perhaps the happiest moment of his life from the birth of Mitai, the daughter he had through the surrogacy of the womb. However, today andhe children’s entertainer lives mixed feelings, since he is stranded in Miami, where the little girl came into the world. “I miss my house […]

Coronavirus crisis: famous zombie Angelina Jolie from Instagram signs contract with COVID-19 in prison in Iran

A detained Instagram star known for her transformation into a “zombie Angelina Jolie” is in hospital after contracting the coronavirus in an Iranian prison. Lawyers for Fatemeh Khishvand, known as “Sahar Tabar” on the social media platform, had unsuccessfully fought to free the 22-year-old boy on bail while the country was defeated by COVID-19 outbreak, […]

Suzy Cortez delights the gaze of fans daring video on Instagram

Brasilia, Brazil.- The sensual Brazilian model, Suzy Cortez once again managed to steal the attention of almost everyone in Instagrambecause the young woman Miss boom boom I published a very daring and spicy video. Over time, Suzy has managed to captivate more and more fans, becoming one of the most ardent figures in the show. […]

Heath Slater and EC3 make new statements after being fired from WWE

By Romina Lugo – POSTED ON 04/17/2020 AT 05:52 In order to cut expenses in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, WWE carried out a massive wave of layoffs that affected both fighters and producers, coaches, commentators and even referees. Since then, both sacked superstars and fighters inside and outside WWE have used their social […]

French singer Christophe (74) passed away | NOW

Daniel Bevilacqua, better known as Christophe, passed away on Thursday at the age of 74. The singer suffered from emphysema. The French weekly reported this l’Obs Friday. Christophe became known in 1965 with Aline, a French-language song for which he was influenced by blues and pop music. The song, about heartbreak, was sold over 3.5 […]