Prescriptions treated like Trump’s rented drugs in the fight against coronaviruses

It was during a midday briefing last month that President Trump first used White House television to promote two antimalarial drugs in the fight against the coronavirus. “I think it could be something really incredible,” said Trump on March 19, noting that if more studies were needed, the two drugs had shown “very, very encouraging […]

UDLA provides veterinary, medical, and emotional health telecare during the health emergency | Ecuador | News

A medical, veterinary and emotional health telecare service provides the University of the Americas from Monday to Friday during the health emergency. The initiative, which started on April 8, comes after a joint effort between the Medicine, Veterinary and Psychology courses and the support of the company HighTelecom-Genesys. Through a statement, the university indicated that […]

Coronavirus Northern Ireland: 16 Other Deaths Recorded, According To The Department Of Health

Unfortunately, 16 other patients in Northern Ireland died after being tested Covid-19. According to the latest report from health department, the death toll from coronavirus now stands at 294. The last recorded deaths occurred between April 23 and 24, according to the department. Read more Related Articles Read more Related Articles These figures also show […]

Irish scientist in the United States searches for Covid-19 vaccine

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research is a secure U.S. military laboratory outside of Washington DC. Scientists here don’t make weapons, but they’re engaged in a different kind of battle, the fight against the coronavirus. Researchers are working to find a Covid-19 vaccine and the head of structural biology in the lab is Galway […]

Explained: Types of human coronaviruses and the symptoms they cause

Written by Mehr Gill | New Delhi | Updated: April 25, 2020 6:09:09 p.m. Human coronaviruses were first characterized in the mid-1960s and are primarily believed to be responsible for upper respiratory infections in children. (AP illustration) Although there are hundreds of coronaviruses that cause disease in animals such as pigs, camels, bats and cats, […]

Doctors say they have found a new problem in patients with coronavirus

Related news Doctors who make up Team Covid of the ten hospitals grouped in the health system of Emory University in Atlanta, United States, said they found a strange problem in the blood of patients with coronavirus. The specialists indicated that even though the patients had been given anticoagulants, they continued to develop unusual clots. […]

Survey Reveals Mental Health COVID-19 Pandemic And Isolation Of British Columbians

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many British Columbians stranded at home, practicing social distances to help slow the spread of the disease. And it has had an impact on the mental health of many. New Insights West poll of 817 British Columbians found people experience higher levels of worry, stress, boredom, anxiety and loneliness than […]

Health Minister sends a new message to citizens about “Corona”

07:17 PM Saturday 25 April 2020 Books- Ahmad Juma: Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that the Ministry has received 3229 Egyptian citizens stranded abroad in a number of countries of the world after the decision to suspend flights, within the framework of the comprehensive state plan to face the repercussions of […]

Health: Corona deaths have broken the 300 mark, overall rate is 7.1%.

The data of the Ministry of Health and Population revealed that 300 deaths have broken the barrier after the ministry registered 307 cases since the crisis began in mid-February, bringing the overall rate to 7.1%. The Ministry of Health and Population announced, today, Saturday, that 39 of those infected with the Corona virus have been […]

SARS-CoV-2 increases the risk of blood clots – naturopathy & naturopathy specialist portal

Relationship between COVID-19 and blood clots identified Worldwide, COVID-19 is treated as a primary lung disease, but complications from blood clots are also repeatedly observed in people with COVID-19. This indicates that respiratory failure in COVID-19 is not solely due to the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome, but that microvascular thrombotic processes may play […]