France – World | Decryption: understanding the excess mortality linked to the coronavirus

It will take several years to get a precise assessment of the excess mortality caused by Covid-19. The 2003 precedent Inserm, the state research institute on diseases, only published in May 2007 the results of its study on excess mortality linked to the heat wave of August 2003. The number of deaths linked to the […]

COVID-19 can affect the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of bacterial, parasitic and viral infections. New research published in Endocrine Reviews, a journal of the Endocrine Society, sheds light on how overlaps between coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and type 2 diabetes may require new approaches to the treatment of hospitalized patients Not only does the COVID-19 pandemic have […]

Covid-19 hits obese people harder, study finds

Obesity illustration. – Alexis Duclos / SIPA A comorbidity study shows that patients with obesity are seven times more likely to be ventilated than patients with normal weight. The three regions most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic are also those most affected by the scourge of obesity. “This could explain why the Covid-19 epidemic is […]

Pune “flu centers” now 46 front-line defense in attack on Covid-19 with 46 dead – Pune News

The Pune municipal administration is focusing its anti-Covid-19 efforts on ensuring that all symptomatic people can access a multitude of “flu centers” set up across the city. Ten mobile vans are in service in the Pune containment areas, including four in Pimpri-Chinchwad. This apart from 74 influenza centers already installed across the city and 35 […]

“This crisis is a revealer and an amplifier” of personalities, says a psychiatrist

What consequences does confinement have on our mental health and addictions? What are the perverse and positive effects? Interview with Fatma Bouvet de la Maisonneuve, liberal psychiatrist, addiction specialist, president of the Addict’elles association. What were the upswings at the start of the epidemic? Before the President’s first speech, like many doctors, I had spent […]

Lying coronavirus patients forward may reduce the need for ventilation, experts say

TOPLINEA “simple” technique known as prone positioning, in which intensive care patients are positioned on their stomachs, is advised by experts in the UK as a way to reduce the risk of ventilation for patients with coronavirus , but more research is needed to validate anecdotal evidence that the treatment is effective on COVID patients. […]

Thai retailers find new ways to sell despite coronavirus epidemic

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai retailers have used a mix of alternative sales strategies like drive-throughs and direct calls to customers to generate business when shopping centers and airports close during the coronavirus crisis. The country’s largest retailer, Central Retail Corporation Pcl (CRC), was calling previous customers, general manager Yol Phokasub told reporters Thursday on a […]

Coronavirus: 32 more died after contracting Covid-19 in Wales as death toll nears 500

Another 32 people died after contracting a coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total to 495. There are now 6,401 people confirmed to have Covid-19, after 284 cases were announced on Thursday. Wales saw its largest increase in the number of deaths reported during the epidemic on Wednesday after the announcement of 60 deaths. But Dr. […]

Confirmed 34 infected in the Sanatorium of Providence – News

The Ministry of Health of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires confirmed this Thursday morning 34 cases of Covid-19 among the health personnel of the Sanatorio de la Providencia. According to the first data, no serious patients were reported and that 70% remain asymptomatic. According to reports, test results are expected from other workers at […]