Revealed: 744 “ excessive deaths ” in Birmingham, Solihull and Black Country are unrelated to Covid-19

Hundreds of “excessive deaths” have been launched in Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull that have NOT been officially linked to the coronavirus. BirminghamLive investigation found that the true death rate from the virus may have been massively underreported or, worryingly, people are dying in droves due to the ripple effect of lock-in or lock-out […]

COVID-19 restrictions could have a lasting effect on children’s well-being, researchers say

Social and community disruption caused by COVID-19 restrictions could have a lasting effect on the well-being of children, warn researchers at the University of Flinders. While health, safety and education responses are at the center of restrictions, children’s needs for independence, self-determination and play are less recognized, say experts at Flinders University in a new […]

“Try to see as many mental health care patients as possible face to face again” Inland

The corona crisis is hitting people with mental health problems, according to research by the Trimbos Institute, among others. Not only do they often have more complaints, but they also feel that the assistance is inadequate. They say they receive less help and guidance and miss face-to-face contact with healthcare providers. Blokhuis thinks “it can […]

Coronavirus outbreak hits Maruchan Virginia instant ramen noodle factory

At least seven workers in one ramen noodle factory in Virginia are quarantined after a positive test for the coronavirus, according to local media. The Chesterfield plant, about 15 miles south of Richmond, is still in operation, according to WRIC-TV in Richmond. “Following the discovery of infections, we performed a thorough cleaning based on [Centers […]

‘Corona crisis leads to an increase in serious mental complaints’

The corona crisis is especially severe for people with psychological complaints who look ahead and are gloomy about their future or that of the Netherlands. It is striking that people who suffer from psychoses are currently less affected by complaints. For them, the corona crisis has advantages, such as more rest, a reduction of stimuli […]