City Lucerne SVP President about Bonzanigo: “Now all the fuses have blown him”

After being expelled from the party and the SVP faction, city council candidate Silvio Bonzanigo makes serious accusations against the party president. This counters immediately. Silvio Bonzanigo. Picture: Pius Amrein, Lucerne, October 18, 2019 SVP City Council candidate Silvio Bonzanigo received the decision on Sunday at 13:58, by email: exclusion from the parliamentary group and […]

After fierce criticism: Alain Berset’s department invites Gastro President for an interview – Switzerland

“Basically, it’s just a cheek.” After the press conference of the Federal Council on Thursday, Casimir Platzer, President of the Association of the Hotel and Gastronomy Industry, made no effort to put his anger at the state government in nice words. The latter had announced that it would gradually relax the measures to protect against […]

Coronavirus: a Californian city dependent on tourists

With his metal-rimmed glasses, sturdy figure and alabaster hair wrapped in a bicycle helmet, Chuck Stacy looked a bit like Santa Claus on vacation as he cycled through the picturesque business district of Solvang last week. He was driving quietly in the center of an empty street in this Californian tourist paradise which would be […]

″ Country has prepared for the worst case scenario ″. Portugal makes news abroad again

Tiago Rodrigues Today at 17:37 Portugal’s fight against Covid-19 continues to make headlines abroad. This time, the British newspaper “The Guardian” is headlined by the words of the Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales. “Rapid action controlled the coronavirus crisis in Portugal”, reads an article published this Sunday. O text from “The Guardian” […]

Coronavirus: “It is not about prohibiting, it is about protecting,” Diego Santilli said of those over 70

Diego Santilli on the new measures for the coronavirus The deputy chief of government of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli, today referred to the measure announced by the City of require a permit from those over 70 to leave their homes in the middle of isolation decreed, which comes into force tomorrow, and in the face […]

According to Chanakya, the one who is essentially the most intelligent who retains these four problems is essentially the most secret !!

Because if an individual reveals his secrets and techniques to different individuals, he can become the laughing stock of society. Acharya Chanakya declared that an individual should in no case inform the key to his faith, the question of meals, the character of you and his spouse entering society, Acharya Chanakya instructed 4 of these […]

Experts assess exit from Pernia’s cabinet

The changing of the guard from the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) while the Philippines is fighting a pandemic will have minimal impact on government operations and the economy, but some economists have said it could discourage investors. Most economists have said they are convinced that the replacement of former secretary for socio-economic planning […]

DIALOGUE WITH LEONEL – 10 Dominican taxi drivers die in New York and another 1,500 are infected with coronavirus

The president of the Association of Dominican Taxi Drivers in New York, Pedro Aguirre, revealed that 10 Creole taxi drivers living in that city of the United States have died of coronavirus and that 1,500 are infected. He called on the authorities to take these workers into account, because they are providing the service to […]

Watch … at the time of the Black Sea stone roaming comfortably in the streets of Argentina

Flocks of sea lions flocked to the port city of Mar del Plata in Argentina, taking advantage of the suspension of activities in the port due to the closure measures applied to confront the Corona virus, and the city’s residents being subjected to domestic quarantine. Some of these 350 kilograms of animals crossed the perimeter […]

Illinois releases data on coronavirus cases and deaths in state nursing homes – NBC Chicago

New Illinois Department of Public Health Data Shows how widespread coronavirus has become in state nursing homes, at least 272 deaths and nearly 3,300 cases of virus reported by the authorities. The data, gleaned from 17 of 102 Illinois counties, shows that 133 establishments have reported five or more cases of coronavirus since the start […]