Google starts selling its Pixel Buds wireless headset

Six months after its announcement, the Google Wireless Pixel Buds headset is available for purchase from its online store and other stores for $ 179. Google had revealed its wireless headset on October 15th, in conjunction with the announcement of its smartphone Pixel 4. The speaker comes with an oval design that is very similar […]

“The Last of Us Part 2”: Video leaks and a new release date make fans excited

Updated April 28, 2020, 4:31 p.m. Video leaks with scenes from “The Last of Us 2” apparently spoil important story elements. The new release date is now officially fixed. At the same time, another publication date is postponed. Clips of one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusive titles are currently on the web. The videos […]

2K Games announces new WWE game, but not WWE 2K21

WWE 2K Battlegrounds to fill the void because WWE 2K21 has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Share this: With “WWE 2K21” canceled, this year’s video game link for the wrestling franchise will be “WWE 2K Battlegrounds”. “WWE 2K Battlegrounds” is heading for a late 2020 release, with overpowered caricatures of television and WWE […]

NASA launches a “Global Alert” from two asteroids heading for Earth in May

In light of the list of the growing problems of mankind in 2020, NASA gave a global “alert” not only to one asteroid, but to two asteroids, which are likely to pose a threat to them toward Earth next month, according to Russia today. With news spreading around Asteroid approaching 1998 OR2 From Earth to […]

Earth’s plate tectonics may have started 3.2 billion years ago, study finds

Image courtesy: Alec Brenner, Harvard University. The image is for representation purposes only. Our planet Earth has a unique dynamic process, plate tectonics, this is the large-scale movement of seven large plates with the movement of a larger number of smaller plates from the outermost shell of the Earth. Not only is Plate tectonics is […]

Vast structure of the universe we see today – “Describing the indescribable”

Published on Apr 28, 2020 in Astronomy, Science, Universe “How do you describe the indescribable? By taking an entirely new approach to the problem, “says” Carnegie Daniel Kelson. about Ten-year survey tens of thousands of galaxies made using the Magellan Baade telescope of the Carnegie Observatory of Las Campanas in Chile has provided a new […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be launched with an improved Exynos chip

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (if that’s its name) should launch on time in August. As usual, leaks and rumors on the second flagship series of the year from Samsung already flocking from all over. According to a report by ZDNet Korea, Samsung will equip the Galaxy Note 20 series with an improved chipset instead […]