The massive black hole collides with a much smaller hole, creates a unique spatial event

The illustration shows the fusion of two black holes and the gravitational waves which wave towards the outside | LIGO | T. Pyle Text size: A- A + Bengaluru: Astrophysicists in the United States and Italy have gravitational waves detected an unusual fusion of two asymmetric black holes, i.e. black holes with two different masses. […]

The Ford Mustang at the Cinema: the six films you have to see to (re) discover the legendary Ford celebrating its 56 years

Today, the Ford Mustang celebrates its 56th anniversary, after having been unveiled for the first time at the Universal Exhibition in New York on April 17, 1964. And even if it is not the best time to get behind the wheel for a useless trip, it is the perfect time to get together with the […]

Star explosions and black holes – “Hubble” turns 30

April 19, 2020 © Jürgen Fälchle – The Hubble space telescope has turned our view of the cosmos inside out. With its often spectacularly colorful images, the flying observatory has not only provided groundbreaking scientific knowledge, but has also become part of pop culture. 30 years ago, on April 24, 1990, “Hubble” was launched […]

The dance of the star validates Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Einstein was right! Once again, one would be tempted to say. The Very Large Telescope from ESO observed the dance of a star orbiting a supermassive black hole in the heart of the Milky Way. These movements confirm Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Image: ESO This planet’s orbit takes the form of a rosette, not […]

Riot Games raises bug bounties for kernel-level anti-chat software – Gaming – News

Riot Games aims to reassure critics of its new anti-chat software Vanguard by raising bug bounties to a maximum of $ 100,000. The anti-chat runs at the kernel level and is always active. The software is included with its new shooter Valorant. The $ 100,000 is for code execution at the kernel level, run from […]

Ready for the island – “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” in the test

Hanover. A lot of people are pretty tense right now. This video game, on the other hand, brings relaxation. Right from the start, butter-soft brass play a summer melody. And so it goes on in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. The game is a virtual permanent vacation. It starts in a travel agency, and unlike in […]

If you are watching Netflix, you should be aware of this terrifying new scam

“Governments must do more to educate the public about the risks they face and how they can protect themselves. “This problem will only get worse as people spend more time trading and interacting online.” The news comes as just last month, Netflix users were alerted to a fraudulent WhatsApp message claiming that free subscriptions to […]

Home Work: Security Risks Hide In Virtual Meetings – National

Social media analyst Ismail Fahmi was answering participants’ questions during a Zoom webinar last Thursday when he noticed something was wrong. Some participants regularly disrupted the session by launching racial slurs and even posting obscene images using Zoom’s screen sharing feature. “I wanted to focus, but I couldn’t because they were really disturbing,” said Ismail. […]