Facebook adds care reaction to let people show support for each other

Facebook is adding a nursing response to the social network to allow people to share their support during the coronavirus pandemic. An animation of a smiling face caressing a heart will join the six existing reactions, which users can place on publications, comments, images and videos on the platform. We are launching new Care reactions […]

Apple Music for the Web leaves beta in time for the One World: Together at Home concert

The Apple Music web interface has quit beta, MacRumors reports. The beta.music.apple.com section now redirects to music.apple.com, where you will see an interface similar to the Music application on Mac. Launch takes place just over six months after the web interface launched in beta, and a few days before Apple Music will be one of […]

Meet Scottish doctors who graduated more than two months earlier to help fight coronaviruses

Almost 200 brave Scottish medical Students graduated early to join front-line NHS personnel fighting Covid-19. The new cohort of doctors from the University of Aberdeen attended their graduation Friday at 11 a.m. Instead of being “capped” in nine weeks and waiting to start pre-established internships, the promotion of 2020 will be pre-registered as doctors next […]

Rocket Report: Russia suspends production of Soyuz, OneWeb seeks rescue

Enlarge / The Rocket Report is published weekly. Welcome to the 2.40 edition of the Rocket Report! It was a great week for Virgin Orbit, which not only won a contract for three launches, but also took a final technical step towards LauncherOne’s first orbital attempt. The fact that the company performed a captive transport […]

These astronauts have just returned to Earth to find a world transformed by the coronavirus

A spatial challenge in the middle of the quarantine by covid-19 0:33 (CNN) – The last time Jessica Meir, Andrew Morgan, and Oleg Skripochka were on Earth, there were parties at home, happy hour drinks, handshakes, crowded concerts, and still no one spoke of the new coronavirus that has transformed everyday life around the world. […]

Spotify adds Premium feature to hide songs in playlist – Picture and sound – News

vziw based Spotify’s Discover Weekly on the listened songs in past X months, I thought X = 3 but I don’t have a source. Especially speculation in development circles. A solution should be possible: play playlists of music you like at 0 volume on a device at night. Wait a few weeks and voila. If […]

Kazakhstan: ISS crew return to Earth – World

Two NASA astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut returned to Earth on Friday from the International Space Station (ISS), finding a planet paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic. The capsule with Andrew Morgan, Jessica Meir and Oleg Skripotchka on board landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 5:16 GMT (7:16 GMT), according to the Russian space agency […]

Newly Found Planet Close to Earth in Size and Temperature | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

WASHINGTON – A planet the size of Earth in the habitable zone of its star was discovered in data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope. NASA says the newly found exoplanet is the closest to Earth in size and temperature discovered to date in Kepler’s data. An exoplanet is a planet beyond our solar system, and […]